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Bc Place Jet Engine Explodes Inside Stadium; Roof Pressure Drops


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A Jet Engine explodes inside BC Place and the roof pressure drops.

Yeah I know, you all tell me there's noting wrong with the Stadium right?

Only 2 billion people are going to be watching on Feb 12, 2010.

You still gonna tell me the Roof is safe?:


B.C. Place stadium jet engine blows its stack


One of the 16 jet-engine fans that keeps Vancouver's Olympic stadium roof aloft exploded last Wednesday, according to 24 hours sources.

Rapid air pressure drops occurred at B.C. Place Stadium Feb. 17 around 8 p.m. and again Feb. 18 at 5:10 a.m. One source said the protective screen for the shrapnel-covered industrial fan room was blown out. Another fan was already out of service for maintenance.

Stadium general manager Howard Crosley said a support rod "worked itself into the fan blades and that's what caused it to fail."

"The building control system sent out an alarm and automatically reacted to the subsequent pressure drop," Crosley said. "The pressure drop was noticeable because of the response time of the pneumatic system, but the roof was not in peril."

Crosley said two to three fans are currently used to inflate the fabric roof. There were also rapid pressure drops on Nov. 16 and 17, Dec. 19 and Feb. 10. Workers manually opened air dampers on Dec. 17 to enable the snow-melting system.

The 2010 Winter Olympics open at B.C. Place in less than a year. The taxpayer-owned stadium's air-supported fabric roof will be replaced with a retractable system by 2011 as part of a $365-million overhaul that began last summer.

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...and just so everyone knows, my question most assuredly was in jest.

My answer wasn't totally in jest, though.

Honestly, first thing I thought when I saw this thread this morning was to wonder whether yellowvest really wanted to make his predictions come true.

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Well, in this case YellowVest just reported the fact that happened in B.C Place, I don't see nothing wrong with this!

The real problem in this case is that it seems that there's REALLY A PROBLEM WITH THE ROOF!

There are 16-fans in the stadium and it only takes 2-3 fans to keep the stadium roof inflated. Also read that: "The pressure drop was noticeable because of the response time of the pneumatic system, but the roof was not in peril."

There is no problem with the roof, and the one and only other time it deflated was a result of human error of not turning on the snow melt system.

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No the REAL problem is Mr. X going around and standing by BC Place and saying everything they do is right and there are no issues to deal with.

He probably works there

And yet, you're so worked up on this that you'd probably plant a bomb in the stadium to fulfill your own sick prophecy.

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I really don't see the logic in the argument. BC Place has only deflated once in its 25 year history. So why do you think that it will chose some time after 6:00 pm on February 12, 2010 for its second major deflation? The stadium gets used quite frequently as you can see by the calendar of events and the most recent full capacity event was Madonna's concert in October. Nothing happened then.

Even if the roof did collapse during the Olympics, would it really put lives at risk? The roof is fabric and the deflation would be slow. It would be like slowly watching a blanket come down on you.

Watch this edited video...look how long it takes the stadium to deflate. It didn't pop like a balloon. It just faded like an air mattress.

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