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Vancouver Olympic Media Updates

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Canada's Official Host Olympic Broadcasting Media Consortium presents its Video On Demand release. More than 700 hours worth of footage be both accessible in English and French soundtracks but not in the other 20 languages for select material.

Speaking of CTV, are they going to have streaming video on their website like CBC had? I don't have cable so the only was I'm going to be able to watch is online. I'm working during the day so I'm going to have to settle for end-of-day recaps.

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That ever popular Beijing's Some Olympic TV Updates now has a Vancouver remix for all of us to enjoy! Let's start with, who else?, our hosts from north of the US border. If you been reading the pre

CTV British Columbia does it again with a massive array of TV promos centering on Vancouver residents with Bill Good and Pamela Martin. Last week, Belgium'

...And CTV BC still kept coming with those Olympic promos immediately in the afterglow! "Blkjock81" did a nice arrangement using the CTV 2010 B

I did not see it elsewhere here (but may be I am wrong), but the EBU (European Broadcastion Union) will propose a great service on its website http://www.eurovisionsports.tv/olympics during the Games.

It will be possible on their website to watch any feed from the EBU's members.

Apparently anywhere (i suppose withing European Countries that are EBU's members) you will able to watch online the other countries' channel... Downhill on TSR, Biathlon on ARD, ....

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So I made a few discoveries over the past couple of days, largely due to the TV listings websites now extending through the start of the games. Chief among them was somewhat randomly finding this (pardon the long URL address)..

It's the complete detailed schedule for NBC for Vancouver, similar to what they released for Beijijng (still nothing about the announcers though). Strange that it's coming from the USOC since I haven't seen this detailed a schedule from anywhere else, including directly from NBC. It's the same breakdown as nbcolympics.com has on their website, although a little bit more detailed as to specific events and highlights.

A few new details are now known from the release. Apparently Universal HD is going to have a program called Olympics Daily airing from 4am-5am ET (yes, the middle of the night). No details whatsoever as to what it is, but zap2it confirms that it will be there. Otherwise, the only other coverage on UHD, as we knew already, is re-airs of USA's coverage. The release mentions Universal Sports' coverage, although it's the same times and info we already knew, so nothing new there. I tried to look ahead on zap2it and on universalsports.com to confirm, but they're pretty bad about advance scheduling, so no luck there.

Also of note from jumping ahead in the program listings.. no MSNBC post show this time around, I believe for the first time since they started broadcasting the Olympics. Traditionally MSNBC's coverage had been followed by an hour-long (2 hours in Beijing) news/wrap-up/highlights show, but that's gone this time. Probably it's because most of MSNBC's coverage is in the evening, as opposed to past Olympics when they generally only had daytime coverage. Also apparently gone is the Olympic Zone shows, the half hour Olympic pregame show that I believe made its debut during the Athens games. I saw for WNBC in New York that there is some sort of half hour show on Mondays and Fridays called First Look Vancouver. It's also listed for a couple of other affiliates, but clearly this isn't something happening across the board, and whatever the program is, it's at most a scaled down version of Olympic Zone.

Still plenty of unknowns left out there and who knows when we'll find these things out, but we're now less than 2 weeks from the Olympics and I, for one, am very excited!

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I'll get to my thoughts on what's going on with the upcoming TV/online/radio schedules with more coming up...and make up what I was supposed to write and submit last week tomorrow. But I gotta tell you, that eagerly anticipated, much appreciated CTV/TQS(V)/RDS/TSN/ROGERS SPORTSNET/OMNI/APTN/ATN/OLN/MuchMusic Olympic TV schedule from Canada was supposed to hit today on February 1. But it hasn't arrived so far. Can't wait until that massive schedule hits, though! :D

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Speaking of CTV, are they going to have streaming video on their website like CBC had? I don't have cable so the only was I'm going to be able to watch is online. I'm working during the day so I'm going to have to settle for end-of-day recaps.

Yes! 14 live streams! Possibly the same amount for on-demand.

We're getting to the thick of the good stuff here. Makes all of those months and years of anticipating worth it here on posting reports on this thread worth it.

This is the time here that I'll pick up stuff that somehow got lost in my writing when I tried to post them last week and inject new developments and some new thoughts. Today, and this is no surprise if you follow Canadian winter sports stars for the past 20 years, speed skating legend Catriona LeMay Doan, the flagbearer for the CC in Nagano and the OC in SLC (and I think she looks like Molly Ringwald for some reason), signed on to co-host the CTV broadcast of both the Vancouver and London opening ceremonies in addition to her speed skating calling at the Richmond Oval. As any good follower of Vancouver pursuit of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games knows, Catriona stumped for Vancouver's successful bid.

Could that be one of the reasons why the Canada's CTVglobemedia-Rogers Official Olympic Host Broadcast Media Consortium decided to delay the broadcast and online schedule? In any case, I was hoping to give you the info towards what Corus Quebec was going with their 10 radio staions with the Rogers Media ones on the The FAN Radio Network, anchored by Toronto's 590 AM. Nonetheless, the French language Corus Quebec radio coverage is finally here with Montreal CJAC Sports leading the way. Although with the promise is that Corus Quebec will draw sports that will appeal to the French-Canadian audience, I think it's shortchanging them in some ways. For example, not enough love is given towards the global powerhouse Canadian women's hockey team, except for the women's gold medal game, assuming they'll make it that far. Nevermind there are several French Canadians are on the squad. While all of the Team Canada men's games will be broadcasted and analyzed live in both languages. I can see speed skating, short track, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, skiing, and figure skating on board. And the hours are going to be decidedly less than in English in the radio coverage.

I'm very curious as to how APTN, OMNI, and ATN will structure their multilingual Olympic programming when the schedule hits. Also, I'm very curious as to what the CTV Olympic TV intro look like and of the music. I know the finishing touches are being laid on it as we speak. We all know what NBC's is going to be when it hits next Friday on TV: overhead aerial camera shots swooping over the vast, snowy British Columbia mountain ranges, caribou running through the snow, ferry presumably coming from Victoria going to Vancouver, luscious pine trees, streams and valleys, Inukshuk and Aboriginal Canadian totem poles and maybe kodiaks, aerial shots of the Vancouver skyline, possibly downtown Vancouver and those expensive high rise condos to the strands of Bugler's Dream morphing to John Williams' Olympic Fanfare as Bob Costas weaves a narrative for the primetime coverage.

If you remember what Sverige Television did in their previous Winter Olympic Games coverage four years ago in Torino, you noticed that the coverage switched channels from SVT1 to SVT2 daily at points seemingly during the course of action. So if you saw it on them, you may grow concerned that you would miss important seconds and minutes of the coverage as the previous channel went to news ("Rapport") or regularly scheduled programming during the change. It never happened like that during their Athens or Beijing coverage. In other words, complaints were made. Apparently, there won't much of that this time; there's an increase in TV hours, and a third member of the SVT family is on board--SVT24, which will do the live late night programming (Sweden time). And there won't be that scheduling conflict with both SVT1 and SVT2 running Olympic programming and action in the morning. As we get to the Swedish primetime, alternating comes into play with analysis and Olympic review along with the action. Futhermore, SVT1 and SVT24 does separate Olympic programming blocks at late night. But if you saw the SVT Olympic TV schedule that I posted a couple of weeks ago, SVT1 has the bulk of the coverage for the Swedish market. With the web streaming, SVT has something that I haven't seen with the others yet: alpine skiing training runs for both men and women. Most non-Swedish hockey matches are relegated to online in the early going.

Eurosport encourages viewers to get to the "heart of the action" with its Vancouver 2010 Olympic coverage this month as its 11th consecutive Olympic Games. It already has the Road to Vancouver 2010 preview show on the air. Like Slovenia's SLO 2, Eurosport offers its own digital Olympic media guide copy that also includes info on their winter sports TV plans. To wit:

--Eurosports will carry the bulk of the action while Eurosport 2 simply will have daily bulletin news throughout the day during the Vancouver Olympics

--everything starts with Olympic Countdown, a preview show

--an army of 500 people will appear in Vancouver for Eurosport featuring many former Olympic champions and World Champions medalists as consultants and commenatators with 300 of them in 20 langauges

--everything will be in HD in all 15 disciplines

--24 hours of coverage a day wuth live coverage

--blogging, live scoring, text commenataries, news, results, data, special reports, archival footage, standings, profiles, etc. in Eurosports's 10 local language websites

--9 languages applied to Eurosport's cell phone applications and watch LIVE Eurosport's Olympic streaming coverage in 13 languages in 15 nations

--5 on-site camera crews

--6 mulitlateral satelitte feeds

--5 mixed zones for private interviews

--50 on-site workers

--check out the new Eurosport Olympic TV promos that just hit inside the guide

Television Suisse Romande announces last week TSR2 plans to air 18 hours a day of coverage from Vancouver live, which will total around 300 in total, from the evening to the following morning (18-7.00 Swiss time) for the Swiss French Olympic fans. It will air three daily Olympic news flashes during the morning. With that, TSR will utilize 40 HD cameras mostly for the alpine skiing events to Whistler. Needless to say, it will have live streaming for 15 hours and on-demand coverage with HD Suisse having the HD coverage. For the radio stations, its four stations from the RSR family will all get involved, La Premiere, Espace2, Coleur3, and Option Musique, with every one of them report news, interviews, analysis, play-calling,and magazine reporting from Vancouver. More deatils can be found through TSR's Vancouver Olympic press release.

Austria's ORF 1 will feature 200 hours in total for their Olympic coverage from Vancouver. Unfortunately, ORF Sport Star will not be involved, but should. And I hoped it would starting with Vancouver. Likely it didn't want to part ways with temporarily the Austrian Bundesliga soccer.

Apparently, TVP Sport will focus on the ice sports like ice hockey and curling. Also, the commentating roster was also announced. A handful of them are to stay in Warsaw. Both terrestrial TVP channels (TVP1 and TVP2) will air a combined 130 hours with highlights and live performances of the Polish Olmypians. Check them out (taken and translated from media2.pl):

TVP has published a list of commentators for the Games in Vancouver:

Cross-country skiing: Marek Jóźwik, Simon Krasicki

Ski Jumping: Wlodzimierz Szaranowicz

Biathlon: Peter Sobczynski

Alpine Skiing: Monika Lechowska-sparrow

Hockey: Stanislaw Snopek, Jaroslaw Krzoska, Dariusz Szpakowski, Mariusz Czerkawski

Figure skating: Przemysław Babiarz

Speed skating: Peter Debowski

Short-track: Piotr Dębowski

Nordic Combined: Marek Jóźwik

Curling: Jaroslaw Marendziak

Snowboarding: Jaroslaw Krzoska

Freestyle Skiing: Boguslaw Solecki (from the studio in Warsaw)

Luge: Gregory Pajda, Paul ULBRYCH (from the studio in Warsaw)

Bobsleigh: Gregory Pajda, Paul ULBRYCH (from the studio in Warsaw)

Skeleton: Gregory Pajda, Paul ULBRYCH (from the studio in Warsaw)

Studio in Warsaw, supporting the transmission of the TVP 1 and TVP 2 will be hosted by Paulina Chylewska, Jacek Kurowski, Maciej Kurzajewski, Gregory Mędrzejewski, Raphael Patyra and Sebastian Szczesny.

So there's going to be a dozen of reporters in Vancouver for TVP, and it's supposed to be a total team of 40 going to Vancouver. But the government-run network is apparently trying to cut costs in the midst of a financial crisis. Morever, it could be that the TV programs that TVP airs brings greater viewership than what some of the Winter Olympics like cross country skiing, Nordic combined, and ski jumping could ever have in the Polish market, particularly at night. But it's something where the Polish Olympic sports geeks could utilize to their advantage. With its online streaming on TVP Sport's website, all of it will be 600 hours. To many posters on many Polish media and sports forum websites, TVP will bring a "wasted" amount of hours--130--in comparisons to their European brethren's domestic coverage in terms of hours (not counting Eurosport of course).

Also taken from Media2.pl on a post by "tmp", the Eurosport Polish language broadcast team:

What are the commentators, I doubt anyone Eurosport sent to Canada, but rather will comment from the studio in Warsaw. As for the cast, we can only conjecture, therefore, write the following list, who may be commenting on games:

Ski Jumping: Mark Rudzinski / Bogdan Chruscicki (I bet on the former, and may be in a duet)

Cross-country skiing: Mark Rudzinski, Bogdan Chruscicki, Igor Błachut

Nordic Combined: how to cross

Alpine Skiing: probably Witold Domanski, probably will be some expert - Tomasz Kurdziel, Marcin Szafranski, and maybe someone else

Biathlon: at 100% Thomas JAROŃSKI and Krzysztof Wyrzykowski

Snowboarding and freestyle skiing: hmmm, it appears that Thomas BURNOS, but may also Adam Probosz

Here I am not sure, because until recently I did not have access to Eurosport 2 and rarely watched World Cup in these disciplines

Speed skating / short-track: here interesting, because most commented Bogdan Chruscicki, so perhaps it will be skates and gears, and a combination of Błachut Rudzinski, and may be some surprise, in addition to the bulletin Eurosport International, which gave the link above is written that as an expert will comment on Paul Sigmund

Curling: Paul probably Burlewicz, moreover, the bulletin shows that the curling is not too much, no, unless you fly to Canada Paul of editing his newspaper, then it may comment on someone else - I remember as curling commented Mark Rudzinski and Andrzej Person, so see

Figure skating: Marek Szewczyk, Jacek Tascher, and among couples dance instead of M. Szewczyk probably will have some Polish would represent, on the ME in Tallinn Alexander Kluś commented in previous years it was Sylwia Nowak

Ice Hockey: here to be honest I do not know, because I do not ever watched hockey on Eurosport (talking about the under-20 World Cup and Spengler Cup) in Turin, I remember that I commented on the loan with Polsat Przemyslaw Pelka (in my opinion one of the best commentators in Poland in general, and the ice is at 100%) and Gregory Michalewski, but it's just agonizing

Bobsleigh, sledge, Skeleton: probably Pajda Gregory and Paul ULBRYCH - interestingly, this pair is also shown in rozpisce TVP, but among the commentators in Warsaw, so perhaps one day one of them will comment on the TVP and the second in Eurosport, and the next vice-versa , etc., so, moreover, arranged their cooperation when commenting on the bobsleigh and skeleton sleds in Polsat and Eurosport.

"Tmp" adds that the commentating quality on Eurosport is miles better than TVP's.

The complete TVP1 and TVP2 Olympic TV guide from "tmp":



6:05 - 6:10 Summary of the day (in the "Coffee or tea)

- Monday to Friday

17:20 - 17:28 Good morning, Vancouver (1) - the announcement of events

- Monday to Friday

18:30 - 18:50 Good morning, Vancouver (2) - Vancouver studio

- Monday to Friday

14:00 - 16:00 events of the day -(with a break on the "News" at 15:00)

- Monday to Friday

11:00 - 12:50 events of the day - Block - Saturday

10:00 - 11:50 events of the day - Block powtórkowy

- Sunday


14:00 events of the day - Block powtórkowy

– Monday to Friday


23:00 - 23:25 Olympic night


Friday, 12 February:

TVP1 18:50 - 20:10 - Ski jumping: K95 Qualification (Poles)

TVP1 02:40 - 06:15 - Olympic Opening Ceremony

(overnight from Friday to Saturday)

Saturday, 13 February:

TVP1 18:40 - 20:40 - Ski jumping: K95 individual competition (the Poles)

(entrance on the advertising block on "Good Morning Vancouver from 18:30)

TVP2 20:55 - 23:30 - Alpine skiing: Men's Downhill

Biathlon: Women's Sprint (Poles)

01:50 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: Short track speed skating, sledge)

Sunday, February 14:

TVP2 20:00 - 21:50 - Biathlon: Men's Sprint (Sikora)

TVP1 22:00 - 24:00 - Speed skating: 3 km women (Bachleda)

Nordic Combined

Alpine skiing: Women's combined

TVP1 02:15 - 05:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: skating skating: pairs - short, any Skiing: muldy)

Monday, 15 February:

TVP2 18:55 - 20:45 - Cross-country skiing: 10km women (Kowalczyk)

TVP1 00:55 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: Snowboard: Men's Cross, quick skating: men's 500m, skating skating: pairs sports)

Tuesday 16 February:

TVP2 19:05 - 20:25 - Biathlon: Women's Pursuit run (Poles)

TVP1 20:25 - 22:40 - Biathlon: Men's Pursuit run (Sikora)

TVP1 01:50 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: skating skating: Soloists - short)

Wednesday, February 17:

TVP2 18:55 - 21:00 - Cross-country skiing: sprints - Qualification (Kowalczyk)

Alpine skiing: Women's Downhill

TVP1 21:15 - 23:45 - Speed skating: Men's 1000m (Niedźwiedzki)

Cross-country skiing: sprints - finals (or Kowalczyk)

TVP1 00:20 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: Snowboarding: Halfpipe Men, Short track speed skating, sledge)

Thursday, February 18:

TVP2 18:50 - 20:55 - Biathlon: Women's 15km (Poles)

TVP1 21:55 - 23:50 - Biathlon: Men's 20km (Sikora)

Speed skating: 1000m women (Bachleda)

TVP1 00:55 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: Snowboard: Women's Halfpipe (Ligocka)

Skates skating: Soloists)

Friday, February 19:

TVP1 18:50 - 20:10 - Ski jumping: K125 Qualifications (Poles)

(entrance on the advertising block on "Good Morning Vancouver from 18:30)

TVP2 21:10 - 23:20 - Cross-country skiing: Women's 2x 7.5 kilometers (Kowalczyk)

Alpine Skiing: Men's Super Giant Slalom skiing

TVP1 00:40 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: skating skating: compulsory dances)

Saturday, February 20:

TVP1 20:15 - 22:30 - Ski jumping: K125 Individual Competition (Poles)

TVP1 01:25 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: Bobsleigh, Curling, Short track speed skating)

Sunday, February 21:

TVP2 18:55 - 20:45 - Alpine Skiing: Men's Gigant (1.przejazd)

Biathlon: Run-off from the common men (Sikora)

TVP1 21:55 - 23:05 - Biathlon: Run-off from a common female (Poles)

Speed Skating: 1.500m women (Bachleda)

Alpine Skiing: Men's Gigant (2.przejazd)

TVP1 01:00 - 05:30 - Night Olympic Block in single (eg: Ice Hockey - qualification, skating skating - the original dance)

Monday, 22 February:

TVP1 18:55 - 21:15 - Ski jumping: K125 team competition (the Poles)

(entrance on the advertising block on "Good Morning Vancouver from 18:30)

TVP1 00:30 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: skating skating: dance)

Tuesday, February 23:

TVP1 20:20 - 22:00 - Biathlon: women's relay (Poles)

TVP1 01:50 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: Ice hockey: Play-offs, skating skating: soloist - short)

Wednesday, 24 February:

TVP2 20:35 - 23:30 - Hockey: quarter final match (1)

Alpine skiing: Women's Giant Slalom

Skates fast: 5km women (Bachleda)

TVP1 00:30 - 05:50 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: Ice hockey: quarter final match (2), any ski - jumping women)

Thursday, February 25:

TVP2 05:50 - 08:30 - Ice Hockey: quarter final match (4)

TVP2 19:40 - 21:30 - Cross-country skiing: women's relay (Poles)

TVP1 00:20 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: Hockey: Final women's skating skating: soloist)

Friday, February 26:

TVP1 20:25 - 23:30 - Ice Hockey: ½ finals (1)

Snowboarding: Women's Giant Slalom

Alpine skiing: Women's Slalom

TVP1 01:30 - 06:00 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: Ice hockey: match ½ finals (2))

Saturday, February 27:

TVP2 20:20 - 23:20 - Cross-country skiing: Women's 30km (Kowalczyk)

Speed skating: a race team (the Poles)

Alpine Skiing: Men's Slalom

00:45 - 06:30 - Olympic Night in single block

(eg: Curling: the final, skating skating: Gala, Ice hockey: match the 3.miejsce)

Sunday, February 28:

TVP1 21:05 - 24:00 - Ice Hockey: Final

TVP1 01:50 - 05:00 - Olympic Closing Ceremony

This from "tmq":

Overall when it comes to open channels of TVP. As for the Alpine skiing were treated residually. I do not understand it, why hockey game at 6 o'clock can not show either TVP1 or TVP2. A type matches Russia - Slovakia or Czech Republic - Slovakia every hockey fan will be happy to be looked at. But fortunately there's Eurosport. And quite understandable is the lack of transfer on the last day of the 50 km race of men, one of the most important competition of the Games. Although as I listen to you JÓŹWIK, this and so I watched on Eurosport, or any foreign station; In Turin, it looked much better - it was broadcast in more open channels of TVP. But what is surprising, colors and Happiness With Jealousy is as yet more important than taking place every 4 years the games.

TVP's Olympic press release , which also has info what role TVP Info will have during the Vancouver Olympics. Unlike the news networks in the US and Brazil, there won't be much coverage. Just news and results from Vancouver.

To be continued...

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I was peeking around NBCOlympics.com last night and I decided to take a short look at the re-play of the US-Canada Gold Medal men hockey game from 2002. That authentication process to prove you subscribe to a provider took about five minutes to get through. I hate to see what it will be like come Games-time. It also raises a point, how can they show that archival footage yet they couldn't keep their Beijing videos online past a certain point?

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Been a while since we last discussed meaningfully about NRK's coverage of Vancouver 2010. But just a couple of days ago, NRK made known to the public more of its Internet plans. So NRK decided to set up nine extra channels (to go with NRK1 and NRK2 on TV) for coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics on the Internet with all of the now-common features like switching between Internet channels, slo-mo, stop, pause, rewind, and on-demand without any interference on nrk.no. And it will all be on HD too ushering a new era in Norwegian TV with the same NRK Olympic sportscasting team. It will continue to be on for 30 days after the conclusion of the Olympics.

NRK's Internet Olympic Broadcast Plans

Additional info regarding ORF 1'S Olympia coverage: it'll operate with the bulk of its programming live usually from 18:00-6:00 from the evening to the morning. More details will come as soon as I get them.

Magyar Televizio will air 227 hours of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics to Hungarians.

Sports Max for the Caribbean's English speaking nations only now just getting into the promotion of it. When promoting it, the sports channel isn't revealing a lot of info towards them, like how many hours it will air. There is, however, a downloadable TV guide to take a look at.

Over at the Ukrainian First National TV Channel, UT1, a live, solemn sendoff ceremony at the Ukrainian House in Kiev for the Ukrainian Winter Olympians took place tonight. One of the parts of it was the sending of the Ukrainian flag to its OC flagbearer. Link comes next time.

We don't know what BNT 1 in Bulgaria will do for their Vancouver coverage--much of the stuff is written in Cyrillic. But it will be on that channel with some of the focus on the 18 Bulgarian Winter Olympians live with news and analysis. Hopefully, we'll know the amount of hours. I'm thinking it's going to at least the IOC-mandated minimum of TV hours for the Winter Olympics with the EBU. Hope for the TV guide come soon. The video here looks nothing but a tourist promo.

BNT 1 Vancouver 2010

There really isn't much yet from Iceland's RUV's Olympic TV coverage. All of it hasn't emerged, although it'll air the Opening Ceremony live and other stuff. Modest (and funny) RUV translation

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For more extensive coverage obviously there's the pay-TV sports channels to care of that. I'd be interested who will be the SporTV commentators or will it implement the audio simulcast from TV Record on some events and of both ceremonies.

If I may add to this. Record will mostly broadcast the live events on RecordNews channel, while Record will be showing mostly highlights of the day, plus broadcasting bulletins from Vancouver from the daily news.

As for SporTV commentators, I think I might help you on this... ;)

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Just some time ago, France Televisions released a series of TV promos pertaining to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, all of them in black and white showing everyday moments conducted as if they are participating in Winter Olympics events like figure skating, curling, aerial skiing, and bobsledding.

France Televisions Jeux Olympiques d'Hiver Vancouver 2010 TV Promos

Translated overview on the Olympic TV structure on France 2 and France 3 this February that the French will see a combined 200 hours with 800 hours in total online in their entireties. Not sure exactly how many Internet channels will be there. I guess to say nine. As Memorilibilia rightly noted posts ago, Canal Plus does not do the Winter Olympics.

As promised yesterday, the translated link to the Ukraine's UT-1's First National Channel live coverage of the Ukrainian Winter Olympians ceremony the night before at the Ukraine House..

Russia plans to bring forth a sports channel specific to the Vancouver Winter Olympics as a joint collaboration between Channel One and Russia TV, that will supplement the coverage on both networks. It will utilize all of the major technological advancements in sports TV as a test run of sorts leading up to Sochi. This still unnamed channel will be available on HD offered on all of Russia's satelitte and cable services.

Four channels with direct feeds from the IOC's OBSV to air the four specific feeds on Hong Kong's i-Cable TV's coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Plus a news channel set up by the IOC as the fifth channel (Channel 5) and live coverage of the popular events, daily highlights, analysis, and newsfeeds on Cable TV's Channel 62. All those eight channels act as the Internet streams on i-Cable TV's website with two additional channels and streams that supplement HK's coverage--daily highlights on Channel No 1 Cable and both ceremonies brought in on HD on Cable TV's HD 201. That's your Hong Kong Vancouver coverage. My question: Will it entirely be in Cantonese or will there be some English involved?

I-Cable TV Hong Kong Vancouver Olympic plans

Netherlands' NOS finally brought out its 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic webpage that was just uploaded yesterday. We still don't know yet how many TV hours Nederland 1 will broadcast from Vancouver. But we do know, being the first nation in the world to go all-digital with its TVs, it'll be all in HD and, like in many European nations, the bulk of the coverage will be live. As a EBU broadcast member that holds the TV rights to the Olympics, NOS will offer lots of sports to choose from through live and on-demand Internet streaming courtesy of Eurovisionsports. This will give coverage and access to sports and events that don't get a lot of attention to the Dutch Olympic fans. Expect a lot of speed skating coverage Nederland 1 for the first several days.

Finally we get some info on South Korea's Olympic TV plans from the Seoul Broadcasting System, the other SBS to many of us and not to be confused with Australia's SBS. Matter of fact, I read somewhere it is going to air the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics to both Koreas. SBS will air around 200 TV hours from Vancouver, an all-time record for South Korea when it comes to the Winter Olympics. It was previously with 150 that was shared with SBS, KBS, and MBC--I heard there's a conflict brewing with the other networks over being slighted from the Olympic deal. Adding on the news are the facts that it will show every Winter Olympic sport from the popular (short track and figure skating) and the not-so-popular (biathlon, cross country skiing) to the Korean public live over 10 hours daily and have Olympic studio presentations dealing with the Special Olympics and educational programs about Olympianism. Plus, SBS will send a team of 120 people to work for the network in Vancouver. Previously, getting translations online from Korean, Chinese, and Japanese can awfully difficult if you're untrained in the navagation, let alone speak and understand them. Thankfully, Google's gotten better with that. Getting the broadcasters proved difficult though. And if I'm right, I think this will be the first time on Korean TV that the women's figure skating competition will be shown in its entirety. Never underestimate the power and appeal of gold medal contender Kim Yu-Na.

SBS' 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Webpage

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Still no appearance of that massive TV/online/radio schedule for Canada, but we do know what to expect from CTV's Olympic Morning and RDS' French version when they both hit.

Belarus' First Channel and TV LAD will actually both air 162 hours together of the Vancouver Olympics. You will see both Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the usual hordes of sports, and Olympic news and outlook shows like "Olympic Diaries". Here, though, the focus of coverage will come from live ice hockey (featuring Belarus of course), biathlon races, freestyle skiing, and ski jumping with recorded and edited versions of other sports.

First Channel and TV LAD to cover the Vancouver Olympics

And now, Schweizer Fernsehen's Vancouver Olympic TV guide on SF2 (SF Zwei). Still awaiting the debut of the French and Italian schedules in Switzerland.

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There's a teeny tiny problem with the link, at least on my side of things and with a few others here: Because I never owned a computer, either desktop or laptop, I have to use computers that are public like in libraries and schools that aren't equipped with Microsoft Silverlight on them, even when I try to install it. So I'm out of luck in critiquing the Consortium's media schedule (presented by Bell) unless someone types up everything word by word, time, event, streams, language, and network. Otherwise, I'd say, "Hurray!"

As far as the TV programming hours in the Opening Ceremony is concerned here and in Canada, notice that, at least with NBC's, aside from the West Coast delay, the programming block includes the men's NH ski jumping qualification. As we now know, there's a "We Are The World" remake video to be aired. I can safely assume there will be interviews with US Olympians waiting nearby at the GM Place (oops, I'm sorry, the Canada Hockey Place ;) ) waiting to come out for the Parade of Nations, PM Stephen Harper, GG Michelle Jean, and the VANOC leader; some news stories about Vancouver bid, the city itself, and security; thoughts and analysis regarding America's and Canada's relationship and a pre-Olympic preview to fill in the time. Don't expect to see any of pre-Opening Ceremony stuff; it'll be like background noise when Bob Costas is talking live to the camera. Some type of intro like in recent Olympics before the Bugler's Dream. For CTV, what's going on is there's Rick Hansen's Difference Makers show that supposed to hit prior to the OC. Safely assuming what will be similar to NBC plans to do before the countdown like talking to the Canadian athletes in both English and French and men's ski jumping qualifications. Maybe there will be more of a behind the scenes look at the OC and previews on the Vancouver Winter Olympic events (can't leave out hockey), and that of the Olympic Torch. I think at some point Canadian viewers will see the pre-show, since as hosts, I think there's some obligation to show some of that on TV with the airing time at 6pm CT with the Opening Ceremonies going up to 10pm. So there's plenty of air space to fill for beyond the 2.5 hours for the Opening Ceremony.

Before I continue with a new slew of developments with all of the Vancouver Olympic media updates, I would like to pause momentarily and start a discussion about how are many of us are going to record Vancouver when it starts a little from a week from now. I wish I too was taking part, but this is not happening again. If I had the technology at hand, I'd do it with the NBC family of networks including Universal Sports and try to record everything. For our Canadian friends, you got plenty of options, and it would be interesting for many of us outside of multicultural Canada to watch the coverage in all of the 22 languages involved. We know there's a multi-DVD set of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics coming up in mid-April that CTV and RDS are working on in both standard and Blu-ray. While we can still buy and watch that, I think our possible project should be much bigger and more encompassing like having one of our discs solely devoted to worldwide Olympic TV promos and official song videos. For long term storage and capacity space, I'd say let's go with Blu-Ray DVDs. I think it'll be great when we can share, discuss, and watch other nations' coverages like from Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Russia, Brazil, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Poland, Slovenia, Finland, Czech Republic, South Korea, Japan, Finland, Spain, just to name several. We'll place subtitles when needed. Should we organize them by day, sport sequence, or network? And we'll make copies to trade and extend. We'll delve and ponder into this more as we go along when things heat up here like it's Christmas. :)

Let me reiterate this about Africa's grossly disappointing coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, particularly South Africa: it's really a shame that Africa is getting the short end of the stick this time when it comes to the TV coverage of the Winter Olympics. After years of meaningful progress of the Winter Olympics in terms of TV hours since 1994, when Africa first got TV coverage of them coinciding with South Africa's re-entry. It goes without saying by now that the IOC really screwed up when it signed a deal with the SABC to man the media platforms to it up to London. Safe to assume that it will distribute the likewise measley highlights coverage throughout Africa striking deals with the African Broadcasting Union to have it in English, French, Arabic, and possibly Portuguese. We can understand African athletes are in absolutely no position to nab any medals any time soon during the winter. Plus, we can understand there are few African athletes there to begin with. We can also understand the need to make sure the Olympics on TV must be shown on free-to-air TV to ensure everyone can watch it. The only African with fully-equipped gravitas to deal with all of this is South Africa, which is sending only two athletes. Perhaps SABC needs to save money. It would be nice if SABC made a deal with SuperSport for the latter to supply more comprehensive footage, like it always does when it comes to the Olympics in recent memory (like SKY Italia in reverse) in multiple channels in English, Portuguese, and Afrikaans. A daily highlights show no longer cuts it these days; there are plenty of African audience members, even if they're based solely in South Africa, that enjoy such sports like curling and cross country skiing and could be inspired by watching them. But this ordeal doesn't serve the African market effectively.

BBC Two plans in their coverage primarily on British athletes that got a realistic shot at medals like Shelley Rudman and Chemmy Alcott in sports like curling, skeleton, bobsledding, figure skating, and alpine skiing. Expect biathlon, ski jumping, and cross country skiing to be included. Maybe freestyle skiing too.

STV will have online broadcasting too on their website. But of course only in their territory. How many Internet channels, we don't know. STV 2's coverage will come only at night as I found out when I translated the STV Forums as I was writing this. STV programmers are still looking into fitting sports into their final rosters for both channels until next week's deadline. One one the boards with his postname "patrickkovacik" wonders aloud would the scheduling of events creates a conflict in watching some of his favorite sports like Slovakia-Latvia hockey game on SVT2 with women's 10KM cross country on Trojka. But none of the Slovakia games will be on HD. He also worries about jumping in coverage instead going from start to finish instead of jumping channels from 2 to the all digital cable sports 3. If you like, you watch past episodes of STV Djovka's Olympic Arena on STV's website under the video archives. Host Stanislav Scepan talked with Slovak Olympic Committee Vice-President Igor Nemek, Slovak women's ice hockey captain Iveta Karafiatova, biathlete Marek Matiasko, and bobsledder Robert Christian.

Both ceremonies will be aired on Djovka and Trojka live and reaired. There will be jumping and transferring of sports from STV2 and STV3. Djovka will have a "Good Morning Canada" morning show to Slovaks waking up with Olympic Studio featuring interviews, comments, and guests on every day and weekends on STV2. Also coming on both channels is Maple Leaf Magazine, a news and summary magazine show on the goings-on within the five rings. Every Slovak hockey game will be on both channels. It's pretty unusual for any network to create a slideshow to display the Olympic coverage for both STV2 and STV3.

Since many of the West Indian nations that get Sports Max are Commonwealth nations, it's likely that the commentaries viewers will get will be imported from the BBC, as that institution historically sends its feeds to those nations.

Some more info on TVP: 600 hours filling six Internet channels live and on demand. TVP1 airs Coffee or Tea from 17.20 TO 18.30 local time in the afternoon Monday through Friday. TVP2 presents Hello Vancouver announcing major events in the coming hours with a recap of the previous day's events from 12.30-14.00 and on TVP1 14-16. All what TVP1 airs will be simulcast on TVP2 and TVP HD. Over at TVP Info, fans will see at 9.00 the previous night's events' highlights that came on at 23.00 that will last 25 minutes. Visit TVP's Vancouver site for reports, quizzes, results, and games.

The Vancouver Olympic TV Guide from YLE and FST5 (taken from YLE's Swedish language website)

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Get all of the real info and a little more when you check out Latvia TV 7:


The first two days of LTV7's coverage

LTV7 Olympic TV structure

That post I last mentioned about Hungary's Magyar Telvizio airing 227 hours from Vancouver. It was actually more about how the financially-troubled TV network managed to strike a three-year financial deal with the Hungarian Olympic Committee as a Gold Sponsor to itThe . But here is the general overview (translated) of MTV's coverage that'll feature the popular sports like hockey, alpine skiing, figure skating, freestyle skiing, and short track with an average of up to five hours a day airing between from 18 to 8.30 with a morning replay of those five hours.

With no athletes to send from Luxembourg to Vancouver, how will those in the Grand Duchy get their coverage? They'll get it from France Televisions, VRT's Een, Een+,Canvas, Eurosport, ARD/ZDF, NOS, and La Deux.

If you can understand the CCTV 2010 Vancouver website through Chinese, more power to you. If not, I'd translated it for you, but there's some problems with it, specifically interference with the wordings. There's no TV guide that I know of yet, but CCTV 5 and 5+ Sports are currently airing past Winter Olympic events that the Chinese excelled in. They may well be the CCTV channels that will air it. Still finding the TV hours.

Tried going to the Georgian, Cypriot, Maltese, and Azeri TV channels. Found nothing. But Armenia's The First Channel plans to air the Winter Olympics. But right now there's very little info on that.

The programming for the Winter Olympics on ESPN Star Sports is virtually the same in whatever region you venture into outside of China, Hong Kong, Japan, The Philippines, Taiwan, and South Korea, all of which have their own media deals. Live coverage in the late night-early morning with highlights in the morning and afternoon. Change the example like this one.

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Before I continue with a new slew of developments with all of the Vancouver Olympic media updates, I would like to pause momentarily and start a discussion about how are many of us are going to record Vancouver when it starts a little from a week from now. I wish I too was taking part, but this is not happening again. If I had the technology at hand, I'd do it with the NBC family of networks including Universal Sports and try to record everything.

Having upgraded my own technology recently to now be able to record in HD, I'm going all out once again for Vancouver for what will be the 11th full Olympics in my connection, every games going back to Albertville in 1992. Hopefully I should be able to get everything from NBCU so if anyone is looking to trade for coverage of this or any other Olympics, feel free to send me a PM.

And Durban, thanks again for all of the information provided over the past few weeks. Don't know how you do it sometimes, but great job as always.

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Here's the (gigantic) crew for the canadian consortium:

English Broadcast Team

CTV Hosts

Brian Williams – Host, Olympic Prime Time on CTV

Jennifer Hedger – Whistler Host, Olympic Prime Time on CTV

James Duthie – Co-Host, Olympic Daytime on CTV

Lisa LaFlamme – Co-Host, Olympic Daytime on CTV

Michael Landsberg – Whistler Host, Olympic Daytime on CTV

Beverly Thomson – Host, Olympic Morning

Seamus O’Regan – Host, Olympic Morning

Melissa Grelo – Host, Olympic Morning

Jay Onrait – Host, Olympic Morning

TSN Hosts

Darren Dutchyshen – Host, Olympic Prime Time on TSN

Dave Randorf – Host, Olympic Daytime on TSN

Rogers Sportsnet Hosts

Brad Fay – Co-Host, Olympic Prime Time on Rogers Sportsnet

Martine Gaillard – Co-Host, Olympic Prime Time on Rogers Sportsnet

Don Taylor – Co-Host, Olympic Daytime on Rogers Sportsnet

Evanka Osmak – Co-Host, Olympic Daytime on Rogers Sportsnet

Hosts – Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Brian Williams – Host, Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Lloyd Robertson – Host, Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Catriona Le May Doan – Co-Host, Opening Ceremony

Men’s Hockey

Chris Cuthbert – Play-by-Play Announcer

Gord Miller – Play-by-Play Announcer

Peter Loubardias – Play-by-Play Announcer

Pierre McGuire – Game Analyst

Ray Ferraro – Game Analyst

John Garrett – Game Analyst

James Duthie – Host

Dave Hodge – Host

Daren Millard – Host

Bob McKenzie – Analyst, Panel

Darren Pang – Analyst, Panel

Nick Kypreos – Analyst, Panel

Doug MacLean – Analyst

Darren Dreger – Reporter

Ryan Rishaug – Reporter

Gene Principe – Reporter

Women’s Hockey

Kevin Quinn – Play-by-Play Announcer

Cassie Campbell-Pascall – Game Analyst

Lisa Bowes – Reporter

Figure Skating

Rod Black – Play-by-Play Announcer

Jamie Salé and David Pelletier – Analysts, Pairs and Men’s

Elizabeth Manley – Analyst, Ladies and Men’s

Jennifer Robinson – Analyst, Ladies and Dance

Victor Kraatz – Analyst, Dance

Sara Orlesky – Reporter


Vic Rauter – Play-by-Play Announcer

Bryan Mudryk – Play-by-Play Announcer

Linda Moore – Analyst

Ray Turnbull – Analyst

Russ Howard – Analyst

Cathy Gauthier – Analyst

Dan Murphy – Reporter

Long Track Speed Skating

Rod Smith – Play-by-Play Announcer

Catriona Le May Doan – Analyst

James Cybulski – Reporter

Short Track Speed Skating

Rod Black – Play-by-Play Announcer

Susan Auch – Analyst

Louis Jean – Reporter

Alpine Skiing

Gerry Dobson – Play-by-Play Announcer

Brian Stemmle – Analyst

Kelly VanderBeek – Analyst

Cary Mullen – Analyst, Men’s

Karen Percy Lowe – Analyst, Women’s

John Kucera – Guest Analyst

Perry Solkowski – Reporter

Cross-Country Skiing/Biathlon/Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined

RJ Broadhead – Play-by-Play Announcer

Beckie Scott – Analyst, Cross-Country Skiing

Jack Sasseville – Analyst, Cross-Country Skiing and Nordic Combined

Daniel Lefebvre – Analyst, Biathlon

Rob Keith – Analyst, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined

Craig MacEwen – Reporter

Freestyle Skiing – Moguls and Aerials

Jamie Campbell – Play-by-Play Announcer

Veronica Brenner – Analyst, Aerials and Moguls

Jeff Bean – Analyst, Men’s Aerials

Katherine Dolan – Reporter

Snowboard and Ski Cross

Jamie Campbell – Play-by-Play Announcer

Tara Teigen – Analyst, Snowboard

Chris Kent – Analyst, Ski Cross

Mark Torlay – Reporter


Rob Faulds – Play-by-Play Announcer

Chris Lori – Analyst, Men’s and Women’s Bobsleigh

Christina Smith – Analyst, Women’s Bobsleigh

Chris Wightman – Analyst, Luge

Duff Gibson – Analyst, Skeleton

Farhan Lalji – Reporter

Olympic Morning

Beverly Thomson – Host, Olympic Morning

Seamus O’Regan – Host, Olympic Morning

Melissa Grelo – Host, Olympic Morning

Jay Onrait – Host, Olympic Morning

Marci Ien – News Anchor, Olympic Morning

Jeff Hutcheson –Weather Anchor, Olympic Morning

Gino Reda – Hockey Analyst, Olympic Morning

Jessi Cruickshank – Vancouver Correspondent, Olympic Morning

Daryn Jones – Vancouver Correspondent, Olympic Morning

Dan Levy – Vancouver Correspondent, Olympic Morning

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani – Whistler Correspondent, Olympic Morning


Tanya Kim – Host, etalk

Ben Mulroney – Host, etalk

Leah Miller – Correspondent, etalk

Lainey Lui – Reporter, etalk

Susie Wall – Reporter, etalk

Jeanne Beker – Host, FashionTelevision

Matt Wells – Host, CTVOlympics.ca Digital Lounge

News and Radio

Tamara Taggart – Weather Anchor

Stephen Brunt – Olympic Columnist (The Globe and Mail, CTVOlympics.ca); Host, Olympic Prime Time Sports (Rogers Radio)

Bob McCown – Host, Olympic Prime Time Sports (Rogers Radio)

John Shannon – Host, Olympic Prime Time Sports (Rogers Radio)

Dr. Greg Wells – Sports Scientist


Tim Deegan – Host, MOD Live @ The Base

Jesse Giddings – Host, MOD Live @ The Base

Sarah Taylor – Host, MOD Live @ The Base

Liz Trinnear – Host MOD Live @ The Base

French Broadcast Team

Hosts – Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Pierre Houde – Host, Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Richard Garneau – Host, Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Alexandre Despatie – Commentator, Opening and Closing Ceremonies

V Hosts

Jean Pagé – Host, Olympic Prime Time on V

Chantal Machabée – Host, Olympic Daytime on V

Claude Mailhot – Host, Olympic Morning on V and RDS

RDS Hosts

Denis Casavant – Host, Olympic Prime Time on RDS

Yanick Bouchard – Host, Olympic Daytime on RDS

Claude Mailhot – Host, Olympic Morning on RDS and V

Men’s Hockey

Pierre Houde – Play-by-Play Announcer

Benoit Brunet – Game Analyst

Stéphane Leroux – Play-by-Play Announcer

Norman Flynn – Game Analyst

Alain Crête – Host

Jacques Demers – Analyst, Panel

Michel Bergeron – Analyst, Panel

Joël Bouchard – Analyst, Panel

Luc Gélinas – Reporter

Renaud Lavoie – Reporter

Women’s Hockey

Félix Séguin – Play-by-Play Announcer

Danièle Sauvageau – Game Analyst

Anouk Grignon-L’Anglais – Reporter

Figure Skating

Michel Lacroix – Play-by-Play Announcer

Alain Goldberg – Analyst

Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon – Guest Analysts

Hélène Pelletier – Reporter


Michel Y. Lacroix – Play-by-Play Announcer

Guy Hemmings – Analyst

Long Track Speed Skating

Frédéric Plante – Play-by-Play Announcer

Gaétan Boucher – Analyst

Mathieu Turcotte – Reporter

Short Track Speed Skating

Stéphane Langdeau – Play-by-Play Announcer

Robert Dubreuil – Analyst

Mathieu Turcotte – Reporter

Alpine Skiing

Claudine Douville – Play-by-Play Announcer

Mélanie Turgeon – Analyst

Daniel Melançon – Reporter

Cross-Country Skiing/Biathlon/Nordic Combined

Louis Bertrand – Play-by-Play Announcer

Martine Albert – Analyst, Biathlon

Pierre Harvey – Analyst, Cross-Country Skiing and Nordic Combined

Ski Jumping

Daniel Aucoin – Play-by-Play Announcer

Gérard La Roche – Analyst

Freestyle Skiing/Snowboard

Michel Fervac-Larose – Play-by-Play Announcer

Jean-Luc Brassard – Analyst, Freestyle Skiing

Benoit Ouellette – Analyst, Snowboard

Valérie Sardin – Reporter


David Arsenault – Play-by-Play Announcer

Jean-Paul Baert – Analyst

Didier Orméjuste – Reporter

General Reporters

Anik de Repentigny – Reporter – based in Vancouver

Luc Bellemare – Reporter – based in Vancouver

Sylvain Pedneault – Reporter – based in Vancouver

Jean-Luc Legendre – Reporter – based in Vancouver

Marc Labrecque – Reporter – based in Vancouver

Simon St-Arnaud – Reporter – based in Whistler

François-Étienne Corbin – Reporter – based in Whistler

It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm especially happy that many analyst who worked with CBC are back (Catriona Lemay Down, Jack Sasseville, Tara Teigen, etc.). It's also great to see that Beckie Scott will be the analyst for cross-country skiing. She did a great job this weekend for the Canmore world cup.

The best thing about CTV having the rights: no Steve Armitage ;)

The french crew is not that bad also...

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Due to some bittersweet developments: I got myself more hours at work to keep ahead of expenses in room rent, I won't be able to have to the free time to delve into this much as I like for the time being. It comes at a very inopportune time for this as many nations are making known their Vancouver Olympic plans now. I don't have a computer and Internet access at home to circumvent this. So I'll just pop in occasionally whenever there's free time. So for now, I'm calling on many posters worldwide here to pick up the slack when I can't be around to do so.

Finally, I got a chance to see the CTVglobemedia-Rogers Media Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium's Viewers Guide. Still taking it in. It sure does pack a wallop compared to what we here in the USA have to deal with NBC; it can't be as comprehensive as what the Canadians got. You'll just start to appreciate what you got when it comes the Olympic broadcasting. Betcha the Opening Ceremonies will break TV ratings for the biggest broadcast in Canadian history. We also now know that Italian, Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil, Punjabi, and Cree (I looked it up at APTN's website's programming guide the other day) with English and French. But what of the other four? I got something for you: if any of you Canadians are reading this and/or know of other Canadians who are reading this that I encourage the recording this to take part in this ambitious recording of the host consortium's coverage (online and the MuchMusic concerts included), particularly those from the OMNI, APTN, and ATN channels. This way, no network from it does not get left out--and I know they're out there. Don't forget that this coverage starts with the Torch Relay:The Journey Home story (at 9am CST), Le Grande Decompte, and Countdown Canada, which I hope to be a part of making a multi-DVD set over over the next year or so. Where are the listings for the online streams though? More thoughts on it later.

Well, we got Denmark's plans from DR1, DR2, TV2, DR HD, and DR Pa3. I tried to translate what was offered but to no avail. I hope to get it right that TV2's anchor sport of coverage will be curling. The hours are hard to guestimate when assembled together. Hopefully, someone will figure it out. DR Pa3, if I read that right, is calling snowboarding. DR1 will have an average of 17 hours of daily Olympic programming. Danish sports TV (primarily Olympics) programming and DR's general Olympic programming overview.

Bronze medalist skier from Albertville and flag bearer at those games' OC, Blanca Fernandez Ochoa, leads the way in being among the sportscasters for Spain's TVE and Teledeporte. Coverage will be divided between TVE's La 2 and Teledeporte with both starting with the Opening Ceremonies and ending with the Closing Cerermony both live in Vancouver. Also, RTVE.es will offer 11 live Internet streams for the first time, full, live, and on demand. Spanish Olympians will offer their blogs and RNE comes in with a one hour Vancouver show and competition on Saturdays and Sundays from 16-18 Teledeporte, which this coincides with its 16th year of existence starting with Lillehammer, will air 24 hours a day of competition every day starting at 18 and in widescreen HD. La 2, meanwhile, will show 12 hours of competition with a morning summary from 11-13 Monday to Friday and competition from 1:30-6:30 with special afternoon coverage of figure skating. On Saturdays, La 2 will air its 2-hour summary show on 15:45-17:45 and 16-18 on Sundays. La 1 will devote to a one hours snow sports news show.In depth overview can be found here.

Bulgaria BNT's Olympic website with BNT 1's TV schedule down below (translated)

url="http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=tr&u=http://www.trt.net.tr/TV/TvAkis.aspx%3Fgunler%3D4%26kanal%3D3%26akistur%3D1%26tdgun%3D0%26control%3D0&ei=HRhyS-bfLJCTnQf04qSPCw&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CAkQ7gEwAA&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhttp://www.trt.com.tr/TV/TvAkis.aspx%253Fgunler%253D4%2526kanal%253D3%2526akistur%253D1%2526tdgun%253D1%2526control%253D0%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26hs%3D4PN"]TRT 3's Vancouver TV schedule starts here for the Turks with an Olympic Preview show on Wednesday [/url].

SF's Vancouver sportscasting team

Prime New Zealand will feature as part of its 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games coverage that Michael Warren and Mattygs have already made note a Special Olympic Edition of And The Crowd Goes Wild. Those Sky Sport channels that will be specific to Vancouver are of course Sky Sport 4 to Sky Sport 7. A 30-minute half hour preview show premieres on Sky Sport 4 at 6am on Saturday, followed by the live coverage of the men's ski jumping qualification at 6:55-8:10 NZ time. After repeat coverage of both programming, the Opening Ceremony goes live on Sky Sport 4 at 3pm commercial free (world feed?). Sky Sport 5 and Sky Sport 6 start with Olympic News Live and Postcard From Vancouver, respectively, at 6am. Prime will have the Ski Jumping at 1-2:55 then the OC at 2:55 to 6pm. Winter Olympic News hits at 5:30 to 6:40am. Sky Sport 7 starts with the OC on Valentine's Day at 5:49am.

All that Portugal's RTP2 seems to be planning for Vancouver are the Opening and Closing Ceremonies live and a one hour daily summary show at 15:40 Portugal time Monday through Friday. But RTP gets access to the Eurovisionsports' Internet streams.

From Bosnia-Herzegovina, BHT 1 presents its Vancouver 2010 TV guide

Even worse (already well chronicled here): Visited the SABC website to see the TV schedule the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Well, the Opening Ceremonies will apparently be on live on SABC 2 on 22.30-00.30 with their dismal one hour daily highlights shows on 23:00. South Africans, and all Africans deserve much, much better than this! :angry:

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