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Huge Biathlon Dooping Scandal


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Overall women's World Cup leader, Yekaterina Iourieva, tested positive for doping (substance not yet disclosed). She is also a former world champions. Two other Russian Biathletes have tested positive: Albina Akhatova, ranked six in the women's World Cup Overall and is a three time world champion, and Dmitri Yaroshenko, twenty-third in the Men's World Cup and he is a world champion whit the Russian relay team.

The (assumed) suspension of Yekaterina Iourieva and Albina Akhatova are both huge blows to Russia's medal hopes in women's Biathlon, and its far from the first time a Russian Biathlete got caught doping (for example, Olga Pyleva got striped of a silver medal in Turino). I wouldn't be surprised if they are more Russian Biathletes doping...

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