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Who This World Sport?


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Hail Croat, Serb and Bosnian fans at the Australian open!

And the Serbian and Croatian fans were

an, singing songs that are associated with the history between the two peoples, said

Tipsarević ...

21.01.2009. 16:45

Australian police are expelled from the tennis complex at Melbourne Park

two competing fans who potukli in a bar after a meeting between Croatian Marin Čilića and

Serbian Janko Tipsarevića players, announced the news agency Reuters, carried the Croatian press.

Reuters did not mention nationality two conflicting fans.

And Cilic and Tipsarević after

match, which is celebrated Cilic, požalili to the behavior of fans.

Photo: Reuters

And Serbian and

Croatian fans have been somewhat an, sang the songs that have nothing to play tennis, but they are connected with

history between the two peoples, "said Tipsarević, while Cilic said that it had been extremely difficult

concentrate and play in these conditions.

Reuters says that the meeting between Čilića and Tipsarevića

was a lot of the police in order not to repeat the mass incidents between Croatian and Serbian fans who

occurred two years ago, when he participated in conflicts around 150 people.

However, in the end, mention the match

ended without any major problems, a fierce verbal clash took place in between between America's Amera Delic,

born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Frenchman Paul-Henry Mathieu.

Delic is the match won in five sets, and in the stands are

all the time going right cheering war between Bosnian and Serbian fans, who were on the panel came under

completion match Novak Djokovic.

That is Delićev next opponent last year's winner of the Australian

Đoković open, which is potentially a match of high risk.

Delic called Bosnians who live in

Australia not to make of this match, "third world war."

"I will send supporters not to have

always disgrace before the entire world and I hope that Novak and his supporters send something like that.

Leave politics to the side. Everything that happened in the past is not my fault, and certainly did not Novakova "

Delic said.

The police warned the audience that due to indecent and insulting slogan be

evicted from Melbourne Park, and are also cash and prison sentences.

Author: FENA



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21:01:09. at 17:08 from izbrisani83

Marin Cilic us Hercegovac !!!!!

A Herzegovina in Bosnia and




Here's to contribute to tolerance, is that Ana

Ivanovic is not ours, but it should be good and play well, and therefore:

AHEAD ANA !!!!!!!

21:01:09. at 17:20 from


Sport is sport, kadce balkanci that svate and to enjoy the beautiful game and korektnom


21:01:09. at 17:42 of the rio

so when the cilic Hercegovac one hundred neigra for'd already been acting on


21:01:09. at 17:47 from miidoo

Comment deleted due to violation of rules Portala

21:01:09. at 18:04 from


@ rio

For the same reason as Ljubicic of Croatia, Delic of the United States, a small Tomic of Australia.


Freely made, or were expelled from and are As in the case CILICA OTISLI TRBUHOM FOR

KRUHOM !!!!!!!!!

21:01:09. at 18:16 from gator071

this is all livestock neprezena ... they did not see the Balkans ... when

should fight their Cace fleeing from Bosnia because they could not "on your her" ... and now they are

children and themselves turbo ustasha and cetnici ... and I have such by Sweden ... more dizu two fingers and Bosnia are

mahnuli in April 92nd .. and now we s.. in how to socialize with Serbs and Bosniaks say ... once again ... LIVESTOCK


21:01:09. at 18:18 from dzoha

Ma Balkan primitivism and nothing else!

21:01:09. at 18:34 from


all his flock, and will not be war ..... so in the EU and the people live a good life, there is the exit .....


at 18:46 of the analyte-Kritik

see rowdy mother you ...

21:01:09. at 18:52 from Rino

let the potukli, you know

bar who got vishe beating?

21:01:09. at 19:15 of the Border-b

if there was not even dead interesatno


21:01:09. at 19:52 from arnes

Braco only to you rokajte forward aranci good deed to you was when you would come

in like this and our politicians a little polupali forward aranci

21:01:09. at 20:05 from celtic4ever

ocemo Serbs

according to the second round .... maalo are relaxed at komunjara in Porecu.Komunjare them ugostile shame for Istria and

Porec .. God to come to Zadar .......

21:01:09. at 21:00 from savoluc

so as long as his mother more ... when we

one hand provide the winner? gledam Croats cheer for the Danish force against Serbia, and why? or

dance only nevole et a grudge! I am a Serb and admit the EP in soccer cheers I for Croatia, and what has

lose in this?

21:01:09. at 21:23 of the source of truth

svaka cast hrvati.vi not plasljivci as these commentators

which would seem happy to sagnu who heads a muljavci and that the Serbs continue to genocide and the izivljavanja.ugledajte

the courageous little boys bosnjake who left the Bosnia and Sandžak in the middle of Belgrade did not plasili like you in

these komentatorima.zar you think that the consent of the Serbs and that they believe other nations and people ravnopravnim.to

forget it. the Serbs have never done any such ce.a only fear can umiri.to hrvati well aware of

Unlike the majority of Bosniaks

21:01:09. at 21:42 from ovojebosna

Comment deleted due to violation of rules


21:01:09. at 22:38 from tesnjak

Ma thesis with the children who grow up abroad and who napojeni

nationalism and nazism from all these clips on the Internet and of course from their parents and that is sad and


I only Bosnians (who feel so) navijamo correctly, I never heard that I did not sing some of the Bosnians

offensive songs as they do our neighbors.

21:01:09. at 23:35 from cobra_tz_84

Primitivizmu and

malogradjanstini never end ...

22:01:09. at 00:10 from sjj1995

do not allow all the flags that are provocative and ....

only vali Serbs bear the largest and there is no problem

22:01:09. at 11:49 from the porch

Serb Muslim guy zidov German

Gypsy rus cecen .... **** sunniti ... israel Palestine .... Munib ushanovich soccer league .... but where have you

who earn dinar?

22:01:09. at 12:46 from vitkovici

For celtic4ever when the team prijetis Serb navijacima

jesili ready to odes to Beogradski Pioneer and navijas for your Zadar. Reply tarzan!

22:01:09. at 14:06 from


For Vitkovci and Dixie ... the EP in basketball have not released our navijace as no karata.kad I was in

Skopje in Macedonia tekmi Croatia-run save for us and the dogs who pprovocirali ... now what you expect in Zadar

flowers, so covjece Hornbeam three years after the city fell, poklali you Skabrnja ..

22:01:09. at 15:01 from del


People, right arrived Frankova coffee?

You are not better than those primitive Australia to open as soon as such

grizete here. Uzivajmo in sport, and quarrels about tennis player, which all have residence by Monte Karlo,


22:01:09. at 15:10 from vitkovici

For celtic4ever: Why lazes I was with navijacima in Croatia

Podgorica and Belgrade, which is not falila hair from head to check. (I support Serbia) And now you lose what you have

intentions as well as on all three sides and the fear come out of Croatia that is your problem, as a good excuse your


22:01:09. at 17:24 from dajke

for Cedu, as the first not to Bosniaks our flag, our flag is

lilies .. And we have the moon and the stars to our religious ..... Zvornik in r.srpskoj but also in Bosnia-Herzegovina


22:01:09. at 19:09 from dajke

our flag with the lilies and you're in Bosnia and r.sumska in

Bosnia .....

22:01:09. at 19:50 from grbavica2

We congratulate and Tipsarevicu, and Cilicia especially A, Delic to comment


irrelevant and wild elements of our

making us everywhere disgrace and shame.

That would easily be

tame that australijska police will! Why not wild elsewhere?

I'm glad she's finally Tennis

appeared some in Bosnia, although the performance of the United States. I hope that he will not be the reason for

halucinacije and delirium in

I would press such as the one in Belgrade and the Croatian press.

As Bosnian Americans hope that the A.

Delic give a positive example of the wild

s from the east and west of conduct, correctness tolerance and other

according to him close.

It is a duty and Djokovic in the coming mecu.

Hello to everyone from New Sarajevo and

Grbavice-2/Hrasnog/Stare station

23:01:09. at 03:17 of the car Mohamed

Comments are not human.

23:01:09. at 07:06

from vitkovici

For celtic4ever: The truth hurts jelda!

23:01:09. at 08:38 from fenixx


these health

Avoid write comments

23:01:09. at 08:50 from Ragib prices

Comment was deleted due to violation of rules


23:01:09. at 09:00 from dzemo_spava

Comment was deleted due to violation of rules Portala

23:01:09. in

09:31 of the seventh

Cedu should be sent to Australia to look Flag)

23:01:09. at 11:38 from



.. not on our Balkans pozitivaca lot ... look at the actions of Bosanskih navijačima na

football match for example Norway.

Nothing is not better than the neighbors and the question will be when Bosnia world champion

unless something else to sitting volleyball to be celebrated ... the sky has to mount the same as when neighbors istocnih

or west.

23:01:09. at 11:58 of the old town key

Cuj this American Amer Delalic was born in Bosni.E jes him

wave and the first and last name right Americko.Valjda was Bosanac with American citizenship.

23:01:09. at 12:31 from


All some of these men down in Australia and that we only know whether anyone has been one of them was in the war in Bosnia and

now Ku ...

Know no Bosnian pricat to be

23:01:09. at 12:38 from bureklight

great shame. this is

only grudge. These What are the problems, those from Australia. I believe that many of them have never even seen

Balkan soil that is to not makli from the Australian. a star there, some patriots. can bet that when they

man gave an article to read in our language, if one knew the proper read, I bark ko

dog. a star some patriots.

where they were when he echoed?

they have no connection what mild sing what story

that the flag held hands.

while we in Bosnia until the Orthodox slusali policy of Mr. Dodik, (which

only sees himself) and who cheered on the example of Greece against Bosnia in soccer, and Catholics in Bosnia that

cheer for Croatia, for example against Bosnia, will not be peace.

23:01:09. at 13:36 from otac123

lo pogledeaj

and how to beat the Serbs and Bosnians after meca Delic



23:01:09. at 14:55 from obama



Orthodox? that Catholics? It should have a little more respect ...

23:01:09. at 16:15 from vitkovici

Fool and

huligana was and will be in these prostorima.Pa you did nothing neznace Regards and embrace good

Novak friends and Amer. Divlajaci Learn an already vanished.

23:01:09. at 17:09 of the CHED

What is a people

one hundred to ..

23:01:09. at 17:16 of the CHED

I sing combat idalje behind this is that it files with the Serbian

flags of the right goods.



Republika Srpska

23:01:09. at 17:33 from


Vitkovci ....... What .. the only truth is the truth that you are not welcome in it. What navijaci in

Belgrade Team Vinkovci stopped at the border only 10 characters from lUdare have entered the arena without hrvatskog

obiljezlja .. your rukometasima not want anything bad but your navijaci not dobrodoslisa cetnickim amblemima

Rep. criminal. Serbian

23:01:09. at 18:12 from vitkovici

for celtic4ever

Pricali you and I was with Croatia

navijacima in Podgorica and in the Arena Aliou is dzaba you explain and due to the morning in Tivat beat

one which is returned from Split with utakmice.I you tell me where is the end of it? What Marriage says to this because there is

happening in Melburnu.Naravno that this has nothing to do with sports, of course, even those with which I am engaged in over 40

godina.Ko those that are taken for themselves the right to jorje tennis sport, I'd love to see them and cuti.Nema this connection either with the

religion or the sport, the Vandals who should be restricted to attend the general sports manifestacijama.Ja

I announce this informaicju on Gamesbidsu that have access to high-level representatives Medjurnarodnog

Olympic Committee, the European Union, the International Tennis Federation and other international political and

spotskih organizacija.Ovo the cataclysm and ersatz sports and so can not be for or contest

must be abolished, to an international genocide among the nations and nradnostima exJugoslawien.Tako no longer

goes. :angry::(:o

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New Secretary General of the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in any event should not be old secretary Munib Usanovic because against him because of manipulation, tax evasion and other objects leads trial and should take this into consideration and Sep Blatter, the president of FIFA, and President Michael Platini Adults Uefa.Wann not search for such a person as they Usanovic, then they should submit their resignation to their tasks. :angry:

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I'm still not sure what the hell this thread is about.

I'm guessing Zenica wants to get something off his chest...again?? :huh:

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Finally to Fifa and Uefa have to take things into their own hands and that the choice of sanction sharply Secretary General Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the proposed candidate Munib Usanovic the function in the future can not perform because of tax evasion and the court process which is led against him in Ombud Bosnia-Herzegovina. :angry:

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Fight against corruption, doping, racism are just some of the areas in which international sports organizations must invest a maximum of knowledge and skill to the negative side of sports with kriminogenom energy in the coming years, he is cast out of the sports jargon.

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Today in the world of sport, nothing is not organized, without money, because the time and enthusiasm are amateur long vergangenheit.Ako the major sporting events, large amounts of money are needed, so that today the potential organizers of the largest sports competition are rare . are sad, but it is so.

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Michael Platini, the UEFA president is once again signed to the major football clubs in the world than you Müssner save and save and not spent in vain hundredth million and that would be, that would be for each club katastrofal when do Insolvency Report.

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The best player in the history of fudbala Pele said to his son tried Edinju, who was indicted for the consumption of drugs, that and some other footballer like Robinja and Ronald, zavisnici of cocaine.

"This evil is entered in the football and that's not good. It is not, however, fair claim that the football ogrizao of drugs on the basis that Robinja and Ronaldo have these problems," said the legendary Pele.

The judicial process against Edinja due to drug abuse Pele took advantage of that appeals to the footballer to eventalnih due to problems in career or personal life does not turn to drugs.

"Dovoljnio only to see Maradona. He was a great, phenomenal players, but now everyone can see what is done from your life," said Pele.

In his words, young athletes need to see those who have never had a stain on his career.

"The current generation to the first Kaka, and when the legendary work, they are Mišel Platini, Franc Bekenbauer and many other footballer. Addicted to soccer, however, are, fortunately, isolated cases," said Pele.

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While discussing 2016 Olympic bids in Denver today, IOC President Jacques Rogge told reporters that "there has to be a strong guarantee", referring to financial promises made in Olympic bid books.

Of the four bidding cities, only Chicago has not offered a 100% guarantee. However yesterday Patrick Ryan of Chicago 2016 said that $1.25 billion is now part of the guarantee package they are offering.

In light of the current economic crisis Rogge said that the Evaluation Commission for the 2016 Olympic bid will pay vey close attention to financial issues.

Rogge had a chance to meet with newly appointed USOC CEO Stephanie Streeter in Denver.

"I had never met Mrs. Streeter. I know her record, it is a very impressive one. I met her here in Denver", Rogge said

“She is a very solid choice”

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