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GamesBids 2012 Vote Comp 2

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G'Day ladies and gentlemen of GamesBids!

Not to want to muscle in on Mallaka's territory, or steal his comp's limelight, but I reckon there's room for a few competitions and sweeps regarding the 2012 vote. The more the merrier and the more fun we can have.

For this one, the idea is to try and guess the sequence of the various cities' eliminations. Following on Mallaka's idea, I have assigned each bid city a random number, which I'll keep to myself until  day or two before the vote (and of course I won't enter myself). What you have to do is just is just put the numbers 1-5 in a sequence you guess will be the order of elimination:


First round: 4

Second round: 1

Third round: 5

Fourth round: 2

Fifth round (winner): 3

Of course, a winner may be picked in less than four rounds (it's even possible for a city to get a majority on round 1). In which case, anyone who has the winning city's number in slot five, plus any combinations of numbers covering the un-needed vote rounds, wins.

There should be some interesting combinations come up!

No prizes for getting it right, just a bit of fun.

And let's get some other competitions up too!

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First round: 3

Second round: 5

Third round: 1

Fourth round: 4

Fifth round (winner): 2

Heh heh heh!

I can see how Mallaka is getting a kick out of seeing some of the combinations on his comp! Some very ironic choices there BigDave!

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I see a distinct trend for people going for number "3" as the winner _ heh heh, if only you knew what it was!

:D  :P

Well, know onw is going to pick 3 anymore roltel. Unless you're bluffing and it's Paris.


I didn't mean to give anything away. It's just ironic (and has just as much chance as any of the others).

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New York & Moscow will be at a tie, with the least number of votes in the first round.

so you think there will be 5 rounds.. right?

I agree with you even if many in this forum are sure about at the most 4 rounds election..

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Here's the numbers (sealed since the original post) to let you all know what you picked:

1: New York

2: Madrid

3: London

4: Moscow

5: Paris

The irony I was referring to was that so many known London supporters seemed to have picked number "3" as their winner.

Maybe it's an omen?

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