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Messi on a future 1000 Argentinian peso bill? The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) is thinking about featuring Messi on this as well as possibly making commemorative coins celebrating Argentina's 2022 World Cup victory along with the planned 1978 victory coins. Would cement his GOAT status even further. Maybe blown out of proportion by Messi's fans. You would understandably assume Maradona would have this honor already

There are speculations around Lionel Messi's inclusion on a 1,000-peso bill.

Is the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic Planning to Put Lionel Messi On A 1000-Peso Bill After Argentina's 2022 FIFA World Cup Victory?

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One thing I just discovered with the global World Cup coverage is that over at Brazil's Globo/SporTV this marks Galvao Bueno's final soccer project the legendary Brazilian sportscaster would cover at the free-to-air side at the age of 71 and not renewing his Globo contract. He's known for not just soccer but also the Olympics and F1 racing. He's just moving on from soccer and not leaving Globo and will conduct other things. Considering that World Cup final for the ages in Qatar between France and Argentina, what a way for him to go out!


That 1994 final moment with Pele (with his stars and stripes tie) and Arnaldo Cezar Coelho celebrating inside Pasadena's Rose Bowl when Brazil won ("Es Tetra!") is all the more poignant now that Pele died days after the Qatar final from colon cancer. 

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That Argentina-France 2022 World Cup storybook final on Sunday, December 20 became the most-watched (and streamed) and record-setting televised men's soccer game in US TV with a peak average of nearly 26 million viewers for FOX Sports with 16.8 million along with the additional Telemundo’s US Spanish-language telecast, also streamed on Peacock, had 9 million cross-platform viewers--and firmly in the top five most-watched soccer American-televised games. That 2015 USWNT-Japan WWC final from Vancouver's BC Place remains #1 on most-watched soccer match overall on American TV. 2022 Final even outdrew NFL games on CBS and NBC's primetime that day.

No doubt the built-in star power in the Final coming in with both Messi and Mbappe certainly coming out to play built up the hype and living up to it. Does not include out-of-home and mass viewing like I did at a bar/restaurant. Highest-rated Team USA World Cup 2022 match was against England, its second group game, in case you're wondering, with a combined 20 million (16 million for FOX Sports, 4 million Telemundo)  



In Canada, Argentina's instant classic victory for its third World Cup title nabbed 4 million viewers on average on TSN, CTV, RDS, and Noovo--10 million+ unique Canadian ones overall and 7.7 million at peak. +23% from the 2018 final in Moscow. This Argentina-France FIFA World Cup Final also breaks record for most-streamed broadcast ever for TSN and RDS and becomes the second-most-watched broadcast event of the year, behind only SUPER BOWL LVI up in Canada. This FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022 tournament reached 24 million Canadians overall at some part of this, 62% of the country’s population and attracted massive engagement across TSN social media platforms, with 137 million total video views:


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Been a year since that incredible World Cup last year in Qatar--albeit not without its legitimate issues. People still just couldn't get enough of anything associated with the great Lionel Messi. Now, a set of six game-worn Argentina Adidas 2022 World Cup jerseys for the six games he played in there, including the epic final versus France, toward his eternal glory are set to be auctioned off online by Sotheby's from New York during the open auction. And could fetch for upwards of $10 million and north of that. (only the jersey played against Poland in group play is missing)

Could surpass both the Michael Jordan record for his 1998 NBA Finals Game 1 Chicago Bulls jersey (sold for $10.1 million in September 2022) and surely Messi will surpass fellow countryman's Diego Maradona's Hand of God 1986 Mexico Le Coq Sportif-manufactured soccer jersey used versus England that's valued at $9 million in May last year. Auction closes on December 14 with proceeds maybe donated to charity (doesn't say though)

Messi's legacy grows:


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