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And then there were 12. Netherlands, Argentina, Japan, Croatia, Brazil, South Korea, England, France, Morocco, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. We await the the remaining teams look to advance to the quarter-finals.

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Penalties suck. Commiserations Japan. I was hoping for you

On the subject of penalties….

FIFA could introduce group-stage penalty shootouts at 2026 World Cup

I read an another version of this the other day too (but couldn’t find the exact news piece this morning) about FIFA being in a quandary about whether group stage shoutouts should be at the end of matches, or pre-emptively done at half time of each match to avoid gaming the system in the event teams know exactly how to fix a shootout to maximise the benefits for both.

It set me wondering - surely it’s mathematically possible even now for every team in a group to finish on the same points (eg, all play draws, have exact goal differentials etc). Do any better football brains than me know - Has it ever happened? How would it be resolved now?

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30 minutes ago, Sir Rols said:

- Has it ever happened? How would it be resolved now?

Now, the last determining factor in, if all initial numbers are equal, as the team(s) advance, which team has less yellow cards going ahead.  This makes total sense to me.  I don't know how the penalty kicks at half-time would help determine ties, etc.  It might just be for that game -- altho it would add to the goals differential.  Is FIFA really ready for a 48-team tournament?  That is soooo unwieldy.  Of course, attention will still be paid to the top 12 major powers.  I mean who would follow San Marino, Monaco, Azerbaijan or even Montenegro teams? 

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Oops.  Here's the latest rethnking of the original Groups of 3 format.  

Report: FIFA to abandon 2026 World Cup “Group of 3” format (msn.com) 

I prefer the split of 24 teams each into 2 groups playing an East vs. West tournament maybe.  It will also be logistically easier for fans to follow?? 

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And then there were 8. Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, England, France, Morocco, Netherlands and Portugal will battle out in two days for the four spots in the semi-finals. Here is the matches in the quarter-finals for the next two days:

Croatia vs. Brazil - December 9

Netherlands vs. Argentina - December 9

Morocco vs. Netherlands - December 10

England vs. France - December 10

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Spain played like complete trash. They still live in 2010 and think ball posession = victory. <_<

If their strategy was to suffocate the Moroccans making them go through extra time, that didn't worked well at all for them because it was really obvious they either were the ones who ended up completely tired for Penalty shos or didn't even practiced Penalty shots at all. Like, seriously, 3 failed penalties?

I hope Luis Enrique is sacked and Spain finally stops living in Tiki-Taka era already. It overstayed its welcome.

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