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Cost of bids Games...

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OK, w/ 1 week to go, let's do a little game that everybody (not just GB members -- look guys, I'm being kind... :P) can participate in before the Gates close.

When all is said and done,

1.  How much do you think all 5 cities spent in all for this round? (in US$ or in Euros)

2.  Which city DO YOU THINK (it's not necessarily the correct one) spent THE MOST -- and how much?  (Just guess.)

3.  Conversely, which city spent the LEAST-- and approx. how much?  (again give a guess.)

OK, my guesses:

1.  TOTAL = US$210 million

2.  The most = New York = est. US$65 million

3.  The least = Moscow = est. US$30 million

There are NO correct answers until figures are released from legitimate sources.  Do NOT read anything into the figures.  Just guess for the fun of it.

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