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Black Londoners oppose the London Bid

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Last weekend a poll on a London black music radio station and a Black Internet site showed that, given the costs regarding the projected increase in council tax, the vast majority of black Londoners are opposed to the London Olympic Bid.

I do not know where the Mayor of London and London2012 get the information that the majority of Londoners support the bid. The 2012 team have never done a survey giving Londoners the facts with which to make an informed decision.

I suspect most Londoners would oppose the bid when they realize how their tax will increase.

The cornerstone of the London’s Olympic bid is the claim that London is a multi – cultural city.

Try telling that to most Black Londoners who experience institutional racism – every day.

If we are so multi-cultural, how is it that there are no black companies supporting the 2012 bid and why is there only one token Black person on the London 2012 board (Dalton Grant)?

Daley Thompson and Denise Lewis should not allow them to use him in this way.

The live 8 concert in London was a classic example of the reality of multi-cultural Britain. There were no African musicians on the London stage. They were all banned from playing London and instead sent 200 miles away to play in Cornwall.

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