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IOC statement?

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The recent IOC statement concerning the terror attacks in London was probably there for reassurance.  I appreciate their sympathy but wondered why they even mentioned the fact that London will still host 2012 olympics.  I should think so but why was this point even necessary.  Obvioulsy London will host the games in 2012, they won a fair and square vote Nobody can take it away once a decision has been made.     Were some people actually concerened they'd give it to another city because of it?  Imagine the uproar if they wanted to suggest another bid process.  Once the bid has been won it can't be taken away because of terroism from extremists.  This happens all over the world and London's response was magnificent.  This has only strengthened the resolve for London's future.  I can't understand though why in such a multi-cultural city where tolerance and fairness are attributes and a large muslim population there exists people who wish to disrubt it.  Maybe we need to toughen up and not be so lenient.  Anyway, in the near future hopefully we can concentrate on the preparations for this games and fully support the revitalisation of the east end in this city with olympic spirit and exciting projects ahead.  Can't wait for the games London.  If it hadn't have happened this time it wouldn't have for a long long time in the future.  As it is, the relief that we can show the world our passion in 2012 is huge.  :D
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