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Venues Change

Guest TOKYO 2016

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More compact than before


Tsukiji Market -> Tokyo Big Site


Youth Plaza(A) / Yoyogi Stadium -> Youth Plaza(A)


Yoyogi Stadium / Tokyo Big Site -> Yoyogi Stadium


Nippon Budokan -> Tokyo Big Site

Gymnastics (Trampoline/Atistic)

Youth Plaza(A/B) -> Youth Plaza(B)

Cycling Road

Imperial Palace -> Tama Hills

Tokyo Big Site


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Man, I wanted a change in the track cycling venue.

OH!! Breaking News.

Cyling Venue Change!!

Tokyo Dome -> Ohi Cyling Stadium (Odaiba Beach Park, Tokyo Big Sight)

By. Tokyo Bid Committee Today.

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Compact plan for athletes and visitors.

Stadium and Hotel rooms almost ready.

Tokyo airport third terminal and 4th runway for international flights is planned for completion in 2010.


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I still don't understand why Tokyo doesn't use the Tokyo Dome for basketball and gymnastics like Atlanta did with the Georgia Dome. You'd be assured of more spectators. What is the capacity of the Youth Plaza anyway?

Youth Plaza Remodeling.

Date : 2012~2015

Cost : USD 330m

Arena A : 15,000 (Basketball, Gymnastics)

Arena B : 5,000 (Badminton)

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