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In just about 24 hours the last minute preparations and final lobbying will end and the final presentations will be made by each of the finalist cities, with tensions at its highest. IUhave no doubt that London as before will stand out and shine amongst the 5 cities, and will present to the IOC members an emotional, effective and convincing presentation as to why London 2012 should become a reality.

London 2012 has fought a long battle, from being lowly placed amongst the five in terms of technical merits at the start of the race, and having its transport being blatantly termed as "obsolete" by the IOC, major inroads have been made and we all know how much work has gone into producing the bid book, or the blueprint as seb coe would call it to one of the most magical in games histroy, detailing the plans to what could possibly become the greatest olympic games ever hosted.

In these final hours the lobbying in hotel rooms, coffee shops and anywhere one could imagine takes place, many of us seem to relax or settle into the fact that London 2012 has done so much and all we can do is wait, but what so many of us are indeed aware of is that fact that the final votes for a possibly london victory are being won or lost as we speak, as the IOC members enter the conference room for the final presentation only 20/30 members will be undecided the rest would have made up their mind, so as we speak the lobbying continues, this 24 hour period can certainly be described as the toughest, most gruelling and most important time for each bid, this is when votes can be won, deals will be made whether they are ethical or not remains to be seen. What i am sure of is that the winner is still not decided. So as the hallways and corridors are hustling and bustling with media, some IOC members and the many volunteers, the energy and tension certainly becomes more tangible, as the closest race ever to host the olympic games nears the end.

Dick Pound at the start of the 2004 olympic games application stage , said to each of the 11/12 cities as they gathered together, that there can only be one winner, that there is no second place, its really winning all or winning nothing, no consolation at all, besides perhaps more and enhanced exposure for cities, as it did for Cape Town in 1997. So in this pack of 5 some will fall horribly and some will shine beyond what was predicted. The winner might already be decided or it might come down to a few votes.

In my opinion and knowledge, come win or lose the London bid would go down in history for its energy, entusiasm and clear message of hope to future athletes and a strong legacy for those who one day hope to achieve olympic glory. The London bid in some way has touched everyone, its growth has been spectacular and its ability turn things around has been miraculous. However do not think that all the suprises are over, seb coe may or may not have some final surpises up his sleeve in these last 24 hours that may swing these in londons favour.

What more can one say, its certainly been a great journey since those early days when the idea of an olympic games in london seemed like a distant mirage. Today its one of the strongest and most feared bids. Congratulations London and its people, you should truly be proud. You have shown in your bid the ideals of olympism, and the bid teams journey to greatness has been one that involved all the people of the UK and across the world.

Best wishes

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what an odd date for the vote 07/06/05

Not at all. Every host city decision has been around this time of year; in early July. 2008 was the same day as 2012 and 2010 was on July 2.

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