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Your Favorite Summer Games Sports

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What are your favored Summer Games sports?


Swimming (if that wasn't obvious)

Artistic Gymnastics

Athletics (Mainly track, relays in particular, and including the Marathon)

Diving (I do like the synchronized diving)

Beach Volleyball

The usual suspects. I tend to favor events that are races, and I enjoy the relays in both swimming and track, however, there are the exceptions like the Gymnastics and Diving. Beach Volleyball is a new one for me, as I never paid attention to it in past years, but it just seems like being at that venue can be a whole lot of fun. Beijing just looked like a great time.

Sorry if this is a thread older members have done to death...I'm wondering how much variety there will be in different members answers.

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It is probably because this topic has been done many times before!!!

Thanks. Hmmm, I guess the winter games thread must be new territory then (or was last done a few years ago?) It's certainly gotten a better response.

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My worst?





Decathlon (ripetitive)


You'll be pleased to hear that neither of those will be present in London in 2012. To be honest, I don't remember seeing anything of them in Beijing, but I've just checked and apparently S. Korea won gold in the baseball. Maybe it wasn't picked up by British TV.

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