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Retro Oscar!


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Only 4 more months until the Oscars...

In the meantime, here are some old clips of Oscars past... there were real STARS back then, weren't there. And DAYAM Cloris Leachman was a real MILF, wasn't she!

Audrey Hepburn presents Rod Steiger his Best Actor for "In the Heat of the Night"... Newman, Hoffman and Beatty were handsome, weren't they... and Audrey Hepburn was just so darling!

Marlon Brando wins Best Actor for "On the Waterfront" and look at Bette Davis' outfit!

Audrey Hepburn wins Best Actress for "Roman Holiday"... I think it's cute that she goes the wrong way on the stage!

Cloris Leachman wins Best Supporting Actress for "The Last Picture Show"... she was HOT!

Vivien Leigh wins Best Actress for "Gone With the Wind"... her dress could be worn today!

Hattie McDaniel wins Best Supporting Actress for "Gone With the Wind"... you GO, girl!


David Lean wins Best Director for "Lawrence of Arabia"... what a short speech! Everyone should take a lesson from him!

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