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Strenght of "MY" bid

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We all (mostly all) have our favourite in this race.

And this is fine.

But is there only the will to win or maybe more?

Give us facts or feelings, but try to argument them also.

The more reasons the better and credible your vote will be i supposse.

For example: My city is Istambul (Ok, ok, its just an example for those who likes to make trouble :oo: )

1. cause of support 23% is best of all cities

2. Transport is best (report of the comission said: ....)

3. Istambul had already 3 runs and now its time for us!

4. ...

5. ...

6. ...

(Please lets do it in a sane way and dont hurt any others ilusion)

Thanks to all.   :upside:

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Ahhh. vale perdon.

But one months ago there was 33 days to go and now 3.

and this is a long time in a race.

Isnt it?

And 33 days ago the reports wasnt ready, but now we know more about the IOC thoughts about cities and their bids.

Well.  :upside:  Maybe you right.

Jokes arent same once you know them.

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