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Toronto 2015


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Had a nice chat with someone who's inside, I was able to get a bit of info.

The venue plan should be officially announced next month.

Toronto's going to get a few new developments.

-New George Brown Athletic Campus down by the Waterfront (Gymnasium)

-New Multi-Purpose Sporting Complex at Exhibition Place to host multiple sporting disciplines

-Athletes Village to be built either at West Don Lands or at York University

-Possibly an expanded rowing course

-New training pool

The bid committee is still sorting out the situation for the main stadium.

Hamilton gets a new stadium but this doesn't necessarily mean its the main stadium for the bid. Hamilton gets a lasting legacy out of this for their CFL franchise. Hamilton's stadium is proposed in the middle of nowhere. There's no way they are going to shuttle media, spectators and athletes out to Hamilton everyday for Athletic events which takes up a good chunk of the medal events. Varsity Stadium in Toronto is being proposed as the site for Athletics which would be expanded and a new Western Grandstand would be built to increase capacity.

It looks like all Cycling events are going to be held in Hamilton. The Velodrome will be a temporary venue. Boxing is also a lock to be held in Hamilton.

Mississauga is landing the brand new Aquatics Centre.

This is all I know so far.

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Hamilton City Council will meet Feb 9th to pick a stadium location, there's three options. West Harbourfront (my pick), downtown or the airport (middle of nowhere). Council dropped Confederation Park option a few days day. West Harbourfront would be the best location since it's literally next to the new GO Station at James St North (it'll have all day GO Train service under MoveOntario 2020) and close to the A-Line (rapid transit line). The only downfall is it's not next to a major highway but I rather have people take transit and only allow shuttle bus for athletes to the stadium during the Games.

Mrs. Pike has already confirmed Hamilton will get a practice pool (they'll build 4 apparently - 3 pratice pools and one main Aquatic Centre). Just the question is will it be permanent or temporary.

So far McMaster hasn't committed to any funding so I wouldn't be surprised if McMaster stepped up to up the funding to make these venues permanent such as pool and velodrome. During the Commonwealth bid for 2010 and 2014 McMaster committed funding each time.

It makes sense to have cycling and boxing at Hamilton. I must rather have boxing at Copps than indoor Volleyball. That can go to George Brown.

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Good news for Toronto!

Toronto beats Markham in bid to house Pan Am Games facility

Jan 28, 2009 04:30 AM

Vanessa Lu



Toronto has come out the winner in a bid to house a new national sports institute and aquatics centre for the 2015 Pan American Games, beating out Markham for a facility it had eagerly pursued.

The $170 million centre would be built at the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus, and include a swimming facility, multi-sport field house, gymnastic facility and high-performance training centre.

Toronto, which is leading the bid that would include venues across the Golden Horseshoe, is competing against Bogota, Colombia, and Lima, Peru. The 42-member Pan American Sports Organization will choose the winner later this year.

The sports institute is considered the crown jewel of the Games bid, because it would create a legacy to encourage and foster Olympic-calibre athletes for summer sports, similar to one at the University of Calgary for winter sports.

Markham had already earmarked $55 million in cash and $13 million in kind for the project, near Highway 407 and Kennedy Rd.

"We had to make a choice between two good options," said Jagoda Pike, president and chief operating officer of the 2015 bid committee.

But Toronto's proposal came out on top because it had links with both the university and the city, which Pike believes would lead to effective synergies bringing together top coaches, academic researchers and medical expertise. Athletes in various sports could train in the same location, sharing experiences and challenging one another.

The federal and provincial governments would pay 56 per cent of the cost, with U of T and the city splitting the remainder, each responsible for 22 per cent.

For Toronto, that translates into $37.5 million, a spending proposal that the executive committee will vote on next week. City council would be asked to endorse the plan at its February meeting.

While Toronto is the lead municipality, the Games venues are expected to be dotted across the Golden Horseshoe, including Hamilton and Niagara Region.

Both Queen's Park and Ottawa have committed funds, although Premier Dalton McGuinty last Friday slashed $300 million from the original $1.77 billion budget due to the economic downturn.

That means fewer new permanent venues will be built, with more planned as temporary sites. Instead of a permanent velodrome costing as much as $80 million, for example, there will be a temporary one that could be bubbled for winter.

However, "this is still hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in sport infrastructure in the province, and that hasn't happened in decades," Pike said.

The federal government has promised $500 million, and the province will cover any shortfall. Cities are expected to contribute a share toward construction if a new facility is built in their municipality.

Toronto is also seeking up to $12 million to expand or upgrade existing sites, including refurbishing pool facilities at Etobicoke Olympium and resurfacing the track at Centennial Park.

While locations are still being determined, it's clear many events will take place in Toronto, with opening and closing ceremonies likely to be at the Rogers Centre.

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Hamilton gets Pan Am stadium extension

January 30, 2009

John Kernaghan

The Hamilton Spectator


Hamilton has two more weeks to make a decision on a $150-million Pan Am Games stadium.

"It gives us some breathing room," said Mayor Fred Eisenberger. "And that allows us to incorporate the site studies and financial numbers at the same time and make an informed decision."

David Adames, executive director of Tourism Hamilton, said: "It's great news because it allows us to provide more detail on the (three) sites for the stadium and also engage the community about what it means."

The Toronto 2015 bid company agreed to extend a deadline on a decision beyond Feb.9.

Adames said the extra two weeks will allow city staff to more fully flesh out how a stadium could be a 365-day-a-year facility, not just a home for the Tiger-Cats and occasional track and field meet.

The stadium to host athletics at the 2015 Games calls for an approximate $100-million facility with 15,000 seats, but Hamilton wants a 24,000 to 27,000- seat facility.

That will cost about $50 million more than originally forecast, as the Pan Am bid company would pick up 56 per cent of that $100-million figure.

Adames, who has served as the city's liaison officer with Toronto 2015, said the Feb. 23 deadline is in line with submissions from other municipalities.

The facilities report will also include information on upgrades to Copps Coliseum to host volleyball, a popular Pan Am sport.

Adames said the city hasn't abandoned hope of a velodrome, and is considering options with a bubble roof.

The velodrome and pool Hamilton sought were sidetracked when the bid budget was slashed $300 million last week.

Eisenberger remains confident council will commit to the new stadium.

"It is the same council, except me, as the 2005 council, which approved $80 million for the Commonwealth Games."

Toronto 2015, which spans cities from Oshawa to St. Catharines, is bidding against Bogota, Colombia and Lima, Peru for the Games.

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Bid to get $500m from feds Email story

January 30, 2009

The Hamilton Spectator


The Spectator has learned that the federal government's $500 million backing of the 2015 Pan Am Games bid will be confirmed today by Gary Lunn, Minister of State for Sport.

Lunn will also announce he is sending a letter of support for the bid to the Pan American Sports Organization.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the $500 million last August, but some bid supporters worried global economic woes might erode the financial support.

A government official in the sport ministry said a federal appointee to sit on the Toronto 2015 bid committee would be announced "in due course."

The Ontario government has also committed $500 million to the Pan American Games.

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Government of Canada Confirms Support to the Province of Ontario in its Pan American Games Bid

Joint Funding Commitment Ensures the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area Will Have Competitive Bid for Prestigious International Sporting Event


OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 31, 2009) - The Government of Canada has confirmed with the Pan American Sports Organization its commitment of support to the Government of Ontario in the bid for the 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games.

"The Government of Canada is reaffirming its original commitment to contribute up to $500 million towards the costs that are related to infrastructure, legacy initiatives, and federal essential services," said the Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of State (Sport). "We recognize that hosting international sport events, such as the Pan American and Parapan American Games, provides Canada with direct sport development benefits. By working together with the Province of Ontario, the games will bring us the opportunity to invest in infrastructure, communities, sport and economic developments for generations of Canadians."

"We are delighted to have the federal government's participation," said The Hon. David Peterson, Chair of the Toronto 2015 Bid Committee. "We want to make this a model of inter-governmental cooperation amongst the federal, provincial and municipal governments."

The Pan/Parapan American Games are held every four years for competitors from all nations of the 42 countries of the Americas and the Caribbean. If successfully chosen, hosting the games will increase economic activity, create new jobs in construction and bring an estimated 250,000 tourists to the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area.

As part of the bidding process, and following Federal Policy for hosting International Sport Events, the bid funding is reviewed by a third party auditor for due diligence. This will ensure successful and prudent use of public funds related to the Games.

The Government of Canada is the single largest contributor to sport in this country and supports participation and excellence from the playground to the podium.

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Deadline to commit is Feb 9th. After that you'll probably hear venue plans within a week later. Bid book is due in April. What day in April I dunno.

I really wonder if we will see bids from Lima and Bogota ? You cant find a thing on them and they did stand up the CANOC meeting in Curacao . I wonder if they have thrown in the towel ?

The news on the 2015 is dominated by Toronto 2015.

Jim jones

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When is voting taking place? First I heard in the summer, and now I heard November. Which one is it?

At the PASO meetings October 9-12.

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In the papers today its said November. I thought they said it is going to take place in the summer.

Yes, the article in the Toronto paper said November, but the next PASO meetings are in Ocotber.

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Or even both.

Agree, although it depends upon each country's OG aspirations. Lima is probably more interested in the OG than Bogota.

It also now depends upon the world's economy, and that of each of the countries. If the Colombians could marshall all that drug money, they'd have more than enough!

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City pulls plug on Olympic-sized pool

By: Radhika Panjwani

February 4, 2009 07:39 PM - The City of Mississauga is pulling out of a deal to develop an Olympic-sized pool.

The City was interested in bidding for a 50-metre pool/aquatics complex to host water polo competition for the 2015 Pan Am Games, in the eventuality the games are awarded to Toronto. But, during discussion with the games bid committee a few days ago, Mississauga was told it had to make a firm commitment on the issue soon.

At a general committee meeting today, the City decided to pass on the opportunity to develop the $76-million facility because of the high cost involved and the fact the facility would not have a fitness or recreation centre to benefit a larger section of Mississauga's population.

“They wanted a decision on the pool by the next council meeting,” said Mayor Hazel McCallion. “An Olympic pool is a very costly operation and the intention of (City) staff was to have additional facilities to support the pool — like a leisure pool. The Pan Am bidding committee said they would not fund that ... In my opinion, the pool is down the drain.”

Mississauga was planning on collaborating with neighbouring municipalities Oakville and Milton to jointly fund the project. And even with cost-sharing Mississauga's portion would have been approximately $29 million.

City officials said the time constraints laid down by the bid committee would not have allowed Mississauga to carefully consider all options.

“We had developed a concept that was a two-stage process,” said Commission of Parks and Recreation Paul Mitcham. “Stage one was we would seek approval from Council to support the bid and participate in the bidding process. And the second stage would have been final Council approval that would provide time between the submission of the bid and final approval for us to do our due diligence ...”

The majority of councillors felt the pool was an expensive proposition given the fact it would not serve any purpose once the games were over. Some councillors noted the high costs needed for maintenance and upkeep of the facility.

“You have to look at the benefit to the community after the games are over,” said Ward 9 Councillor Pat Saito. “And the operational costs are a lot higher for that type of pool.”

In the meantime, the City is still hoping to cash on the games. It is offering the Hershey Centre sports complex as possible venues for judo, taekwondo and roller skating events.


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^ Could be good news for Hamilton, might switch the swimming pool from temporary to permanent since there'll be no Olympic size pool west of Toronto since the Missy bid failed.

Feb 23, 2009 (Monday) @ 9:30am there is a special council meeting at Hamilton City Hall regarding the Pan Am Games bid.

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City missing Pan Am boat

Toronto 2015 to announce major bid venues without Hamilton's preferred sites

February 06, 2009

John Kernaghan

The Hamilton Spectator


While Hamilton fiddles, many other cities are burning to be part of the 2015 Pan Am Games.

As a result, most of the venues for the $1.4-billion Games bid could be announced in the next few weeks, Toronto 2015 bid president Jagoda Pike says.

That follows the first major announcement, the choice of a $170-million aquatic centre/sports institute at the Scarborough campus of the University of Toronto.

Meanwhile, Hamilton's neighbours have submitted their wish lists well in advance of Steeltown, which was given an extension to Feb. 23 to assess stadium sites to host track and field.

Burlington has proposed a secondary soccer site and Niagara Region wants to host rowing, sprint and whitewater canoe/kayak events and triathlon, at a cost of approximately $21 million.

Burlington Mayor Cam Jackson said his city has pitched he idea of hosting early-round games at a site within the bid, mentioning Sherwood Forest Park as a possibility.

It's a confidential proposal with no firm budget assigned to it.

"We're waiting to hear back to see what kind of fit we can be," said Janet Lunn, director of Parks and Recreation.

Jackson stressed Burlington has a chance to become a centre of excellence through enhancing facilities at a site like Sherwood Park.

"We would host several teams and have some of the best players in the world in our community."

Peter Summers of the Burlington Youth Soccer Club said if the city's role is confirmed and the Games secured, preliminary round games would be played in Burlington at a facility that would feature 2,000 permanent seats and up to an additional 3,000 temporary seats for the games.

He said a clubhouse with offices and other facilities would make the Sherwood site a centre of excellence for Ontario.

Over in Niagara, the region's Pan Am pointman says the Henley rowing course in St. Catharines would need only a modest upgrade.

Regional councillor Tim Rigby said the course is world-class already after hosting the 1999 global championships.

The most ambitious aspect of Niagara's proposal is a $15-million whitewater course on Twelve Mile Creek in St. Catharines.

Welland would host flatwater canoe and kayak racing on the Welland River and provide a triathlon course, the two elements estimated at a cost of $5.8 million.

The selection for the aquatic centre and sports institute in Scarborough was a shock to Markham in York Region. More than $50 million was earmarked there even before the Pan Am bid came together.

But with the University of Toronto committed to picking up almost a quarter of the bill, the City of Toronto saves about $37 million.

Toronto is also seeking improvements to a 50-metre pool and resurfacing of Centennial track, both in Etobicoke.

Existing facilities like BMO Field and Ricoh Coliseum could host soccer and gymnastics.

It still leaves the two major Games developments outstanding.

The biggest, the athlete's village, could be a mix of low-income and marketing house, according to bid chairman David Peterson.

Hamilton can have the stadium if it picks up 44 per cent of the cost. That would be $94 million for a 24,000- to 27,000-seat stadium to house the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Hamilton could also house a pool and velodrome as temporary venues and host court sports at Copps Coliseum.

The Golden Horseshoe-wide bid is up against Lima, Peru, and Bogota, Colombia, for the 2015 showcase. Bid-book documents must be submitted by April 30 with a vote on the host city in the fall.

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