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Toronto 2015


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Looks like the Blue Jays/Argos won't be at the Rogers Centre for the duration of the games.

"It was a tough schedule, and it's going to be a tough schedule again next year," Rudge said. "It's going to be worse in 2015, because you've got this place closed for three or four weeks for the Pan American Games."

The Pan Am Games will displace the Jays, and the trickle-down scheduling effect on the Argos might be unpleasant. In September, the Argos announced they had reached a lease agreement with Rogers Centre, which is owned by the eponymous communications giant that also owns the Jays, and confirmed it would be their last such agreement."


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It's official. Toronto's mayor smokes crack cocaine. Police have been investigating and have recovered the alleged video. Mayor Ford will not be apart of the 2015 Pan Ams in anyway. Thank god and good riddance!

He's crack and cocaine user or a crack user? I know the Active Ingredient is the same, but snorting cocaine is not as bad as smoking Crack.

So... If he's only addicted to cocaine I can see him turning things around but crack is too much. I don't know anyone that recovered from crack addiction. And I know a lot of cases. Unfortunately it's a huge problem in Brazil.

Oh, I just google'd the news about him a bit before posting. Something sounds fishy. I doubt he was a crack addict. He seems normal or maybe it was a long time ago. Seriously. You cannot hide a Crack addiction. Simply impossible.

Unless even fucking crack is better in Canada. If that's the case I'm moving to Canada ASAP.

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Canada's A Rowing team will be here (usually its the B team).

Marnie McBean has a favourite photo of herself as an athlete. She's seated in her boat, holding up a gold medal. It was taken at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg.

"It's a nice photo. Good memories for me from racing at Pan Ams. In the boat, with my medal, big smile, classic curly hair," McBean said.

The Pan Ams in Winnipeg marked not only the final gold medal of McBean's illustrious career, but a rare opportunity for one of Canada's most decorated athletes to compete at home.

Rowing Canada announced Friday it will field its A team at the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games for the first time since those Games in Winnipeg. The organization normally sends its B team to the Pan Ams because of scheduling conflicts.

"It's such a great move," McBean said from St. Catharines, Ont. "And it really shows Rowing Canada's support of the Pan Am Games that they said, 'You know what, we're going to make sure this is a marquee race in our calendar,' and they will work to bring in the other nations."

McBean was in the southern Ontario city with TO2015 officials, who confirmed that the Royal Canadian Henley would be the venue for rowing.

McBean's victory in Winnipeg capped a career that saw her win three Olympic gold medals. A back injury forced her to withdraw from the 2000 Sydney Games, and she retired soon after.

"I think I really had a sense of doing that one for Canada," McBean said of the '99 Pan Ams. "Because it was a home Games, I knew that it was really important that we sent our A team, and made the effort to make sure all the other countries would send their A team as well to Winnipeg."

It's no small feat, said McBean, for top rowers to add the Pan Am Games to their season schedule, the focus of which will be on the 2015 world championships.

"When you add a race or a regatta to your schedule it can change an entire year of training and programming," she said.

But the Games will be appealing to other top Pan Am countries in a pre-Olympic year, especially if Canada's best athletes are rowing.

"It makes it really appealing for countries like Argentina, Brazil and Cuba, because it's a lot cheaper for them to send big teams than it is to send them to Europe," McBean said.

The federal government and the City of St. Catharines also announced Friday they are jointly funding the renovation of the bridge linking the 110-year old rowing facility to the mainland.

Canada is expected to battle strong teams from Argentina, the U.S., Cuba, Mexico and Chile at the Games.

The Canadians will be looking to surpass the four medals they won at the 2011 Pan Ams. The Canadian Olympic Committee has set a goal to finish in the top two countries in the overall medal count.


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