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Toronto 2015


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Actually all the venues except the 2 canoeing venues are within 2 hours. I don't understand why this petition came now considering this was the plan since the BB came out.

Lol I was just being negative since the plan's not very compact.

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Some cultural notes:

-41 of Toronto's 69 subway stations will be redesigned for the games to reflect one of the nations competing.

This is Sheppard station and Bolivia (this is just a rendering likely to change).


-Boulevard of Nations at Pan Am park were 41 shipping containers will be located and designed to reflect the countries.

-Torch relay will begin in May 2015 from Mexico and it will last about 70 days. The torch will go to every part of this country not just Ontario. 41 of those days however will be in Ontario. Each of those days will be a recognition of one of the countries participating.

-3,000 torch bearers

3 Pillars compose the festival Toronto

1) Electric Toronto multi performance sites:

-Festival sites:

Nathan Phillips Square

David Pecaut Square (Film/Tango festival)

Distillery District (Comedy festival)

Exhibition Place (Arts/Sports)

2) Aquaculture

- The theme of water will be heavily used in many ways because of the games footprint (from Niagara Falls to Oshawa)

- Art installations to be put on the water

3) Multi discipline festival

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That is gonna be a challenge for me... I usually swim better in cold climate but the Aquatics Center is gonna be indoors so no problem ;)

You'll be fine lol.


Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport at UOFT in January 2013. It is scheduled to be finished in January 2015. (Credits:rdaner at Urban Toronto)



Athletes village (Credits:rdaner at Urban Toronto)

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