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Beinjing 2008 Rebroadcast On Universal Sports Channel


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If you live in the U.S. and have the new NBC Universal Sports channel in your city, the Beijing Games have been being rebroadcast as the "Olympic Encore" since September 9th. All of the Swimming and Gymnastics are done being replayed, but there is still lots of Athletics, Volleyball and other sports still be to re-shown. It's really great to be able to see the competitions again. Universal Sports is a new channel in the United States from NBC that focuses soley on sports contested in the Olympic Games. Cycling, Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Taekwando, Triathalot, Marathon, Fencing, Water Polo, to name a few. "A Home for Olympians Year Round" is one of their mottos. I'm really enjoying watching it and in case others did not know of it's existence, I wanted to let U.S. residents here know. Hopefully it's in your area. It is carried on cable and also over the air as a digital channel.

The list of U.S. markets where this channel is available is here:


The official website for the channel is here:


The Wikipedia page for the channel is here:


Are networks in other countries rebroadcasting the games?

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