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Great Interview with Rogge

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  • 2 weeks later...

Another Interview with Rogge, this time with the Telegraph's Mihir Bose.

Just before I went to Lausanne to interview Jacques Rogge, a high ranking British politician told me that the only thing that could stop a London victory in next month's vote for the 2012 Olympics was if the International Olympic Committee had done a secret deal on Paris.

Rogge, 63, the IOC president and a former Olympic yachtsman, was born in Belgium and speaks French. So not long, after I was ushered into his office in the villa adjoining the IOC headquarters, I asked him if there was any truth to the rumour that he secretly favoured Paris.

Rogge laughed as if to suggest the idea was outrageous, then for the first time his face grew stern and his voice grave: "This is absolutely rubbish," he said. "I can't stop people saying things but I challenge anyone to come up with facts to substantiate that I have given advice to anyone to vote for Paris. Absolutely not.


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Yeah, the first article was from the Independent and its now their policy that their material is only free for two or three days - after that you need to pay for it.

Next time the Independent has anything worth saying (unlikely), I'll post the whole thing.

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