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Bush Has To Go!


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I knew that headline would get all the Europeans in here. :laughlong:

Barring Cuba From World Baseball Classic Could Hurt U.S. Chances for Hosting a Future Olympics

O.K. - it's baseball. It's not like we are inviting them up for a worldwide nuclear conference or something.

We already have the embargo in place which should have been lifted a long time ago IMHO.  :glare:  So what is the purpose of starting and hosting this international baseball series if one of the better teams, the Cubans, isn't present?

However, surprise surprise little Dickie Pound is right on this story. :glare:

Oh well - hopefully whoever is elected in 2008 can take care of this problem.

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lift the embrargo on Cuba, never, where would Canadians and Germans go on holiday and not have to deal with old American tourist that think they own the place

We generally don't vacation in Siberia.  Try there -

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