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World Cup 2010 Qualifiers


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FIFA World Cup European Qualifying

Albania 0-0 Sweden

Andorra 0-2 England

Armenia 0-2 Turkey

Austria 3-1 France :o

Belgium 3-2 Estonia

Croatia 3-0 Kazakhstan

Cyprus 1-2 Italy

FYR Macedonia 1-0 Scotland

Georgia 1-2 Rep of Ireland

Hungary 0-0 Denmark

Israel 2-2 Switzerland

Liechtenstein 0-6 Germany

Luxembourg 0-3 Greece

Malta 0-4 Portugal

Moldova 1-2 Latvia

Montenegro 2-2 Bulgaria

Norway 2-2 Iceland

Poland 1-1 Slovenia

Romania 0-3 Lithuania :blink:

Serbia 2-0 Faroe Islands

Slovakia 2-1 Northern Ireland

Spain 1-0 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Ukraine 1-0 Belarus

Wales 1-0 Azerbaijan

Looks like many teams struggled to get out of the blocks as quickly as they'd have liked. England's result I'll take, so long as goal difference isn't a deciding factor at the end of our group; besides the big match for us is on Wednesday against Croatia.

What happened to France anyone? Very poor indeed. Italy only just beat Cyprus as well. Germany and Portugal look like the only traditionally 'big' European teams who can be happy tonight.

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Well France team needed to change as half of the team was over 30.

Nasri,Sagna,Flamini,Mexes,Benzema,Diarra,Mandanda are all young player who played all togepher for the first time so it will take time for them to learn to do it well,even, if they are very good with their football club.

The coach is not helping and to be fair Mexes was terrible.Really horrible,he was responsible for the first goal,half resposible for the second one and totally for the thrid one with an idiotic penalty.

If we loose to Serbia or draw i think it will be the time to tell the coach goodbye.

He did well in 2006 but he never tried to change the team slowly,changing players one by one.Intead of that he used the old players until they were closed to death on the pitch in every match :lol: .Now he fired all of them and we have a team of young boy who don't know each other.

And as it's a new team,a new coach won't be dificult to acept.

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England did what they had to do. We move onto Wednesday night and a much tougher test.

Perhaps our French-based friends can enlighten me, but I cannot for the life of me understand why Raymond Domenech wasn't sacked after the European Championships.

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Well i think the coach has a great relationship with the federation boss so it helped him greatly.

And We were after all finalist of a world cup with him,loosing only by one penalty.

And to be fair with Italy and Netherlands in our group at euro,everyone knew we had a lot of chances to go in the group stage.

If France-Romania was the most horrible match of Euro by far,we suffered a lot against a completely wild dutch team whereas we played much better than against romania,who even if they played greatly,had a lot of success in the goals they scored.

Against Italy we were playing as good as them until ribéry got hurt and were reduced to ten because of stupid msitake by Abidal and the penalty.Until that it was 0-0.

So in the end it was like that for a french fan:"we played like ***** against romanian,but we were unlucky vs the italians and beaten by an incredible dutch team in the group stage".

And people were divided about the coach because it couldn't do anything about the dutch top form and the Mistake of one player versus italy.

We were like "the coach qualified us twice for the last two big tournament despite being in tough group with Scotaland Italy etc,we reached the final once and were kicked of the second from the group of death,Should we change the coach everytime we fail or should we try to keep some continuity and recognize what he has done before?"

We gave him 3 matches to prove him to be capable of running the team,Serbia on wednesday is his last one and a draw or a loss and it's goodbye.

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Well we chose not to change him,It wasn't like "we keep you for three more games to see what happen",we just told him"You are the french team coach but because of euro faillure you will be watch for the first three match".

We weren't looking for a new boss as we didn't think it will be a disaster in austria.

We tought we would go back to normal for france,which means to qualify for the next tournament without loosing,or at least not something more than like 1-0 to another team.

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Well i see your point,it is not at all the good time for any team,national or club to chan ge their coach,but sometimes you have to.

I think France will win vs serbia and that domenech will remain in charge.

But if we are defeated in the stade de france,i really can't see how we can go on with him

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Today's European World Cup qualifiers:

Faroe Islands - Romania

Iceland - Scotland

Russia - Wales

Andorra - Belarus

Montenegro - Ireland

Northern Ireland - Czech Republic

Sweden - Hungary

Bosnia-Herzegovina - Estonia

Switzerland - Luxembourg

Moldova - Israel

San Marino - Poland

Lithuania - Austria

FYR Macedonia - Netherlands

Finland - Germany

Portugal - Denmark

Albania - Malta

Slovenia - Slovakia

Italy - Georgia

Azerbaijan - Liechtenstein

Turkey - Belgium

Croatia - England

France - Serbia

Latvia - Greece

Spain - Armenia

Kazakhstan - Ukraine

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Tottenham defender Gareth Bale misses a penalty for Wales and his Spurs team-mate Roman Pavlyuchenko scores one at the other end for Russia. How bizarre!! I wouldn't want to be a Welsh Spurs fan today!

HALF-TIME Russia 1-0 Wales

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Spurs could be the most unpopular team in Britain if Modric and Corluka do some damage this evening. :lol:

EDIT: Gareth Bale makes up for that penalty miss in spectacular style, clipping the ball in between two defenders and cutting it back perfectly for Joe Ledley to slot home.

...still plenty of time...

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Heartbreak for Wales. Andrei Arshavin teases the Wales defence as he cuts in from the left before clipping in the cross for substitute Pavel Pogrebnyak, whose header is somehow clawed away by keeper Wayne Hennessey. A truly incredible save, but Pogrebnyak is there to bury the rebound.

By the sound of it Spurs defender Chris Gunter could have done better there. :lol::o

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Luckily, Germany was able to equalise for a 3-3, but this is really only a lucky result. Mario Gomez once again managed to botch a 100 % scoring opportunity, like in the EURO match against Austria. The defence was a catastrophe, just like at the EURO. For the German team, there's still as much work to do as three months ago...

However, it's much better to take at least one point home -- it would have been psychologically devastating if the team against which Germany has to play the final match of this World Cup qualification would have defeated Germany already in the first leg. Finland will have to be watched closely, because they could be a very fierce competitor for both Russia and Germany regarding the direct qualification and the relegation spot.

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1-4 FT.

Lovely jubbly. If we play like that in the rest of this campaign we'll get out of this group no problem. Of course, with England that's by no means certain; but winning 1-4 in Zagreb is fantastic!


Well chuffed tonight.

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