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2015 Pan Am Games


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Pan Am bid's Oct. 2 launch won't detail facilities: chair

September 24, 2008

John Kernaghan

The Hamilton Spectator

The 2015 Pan American Games bid will be officially launched Oct. 2 with a vision statement and broad outline of bid strategy.

"We won't be detailing where facilities go," at that point, bid chair David Peterson said yesterday.

The launch will introduce various players in a executive board who will present a preliminary bid to the annual congress of the Pan American Sport Organization, Oct. 8-12, in Acapulco, Mexico.

That will include Peterson, a representative of the Canadian Olympic Committee and a third party representing the federal government, which has committed $500 million to the Games.

Peterson said Premier Dalton McGuinty is planning to join the group in Acapulco.

Peterson said it's been a bit "crazy" pulling together initial bid elements, but no detailed documentation is required for the PASO meetings.

"We'll outline a broad vision, then come home and regroup and get down to the to-ing and fro-ing of pulling a detailed bid together."

Peterson said his board welcomes the chance to meet delegates of the Pan Am countries.

That group and McGuinty will be trying to figure out who has sympathies for other potential bids from three South American cities. Caracas, Venezuela, Lima, Peru and Bogota, Columbia, have also expressed interest in hosting the 40-plus sport showcase.

Peterson noted the bidding for the 2016 Olympics can also have some bearing on the Pan Am process.

Rio de Janeiro and Chicago are on the short list of Summer Games hosts and as PASO is comprised of national Olympic organizations there will be lobbying for support for their bids, too.

At stake for Hamilton is a 30,000-seat multi-purpose stadium, upgrades to Copps Coliseum and improvements to facilities at McMaster University.

Mac residences and its student centre is also being touted as the athlete's village for the Games.

Veteran Olympic sports official Steve Stoute said the Pan Am family welcomes the southern Ontario entry in the Games race.

Stoute, president of the Barbados Olympic Committee, is familiar with the area as he was a supporter of Hamilton's 2010 Commonwealth Games bid.

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Publisher to head Pan Am Games bid

The Star’s publisher Jagoda Pike was named among 100 of Canada’s Most Powerful Women by Women’s Executive Network (WXN).

After 22 years with Torstar, Jagoda Pike leaves paper to help secure 2015 Games

Oct 01, 2008 04:30 AM

Vanessa Lu

City Hall Bureau Chief

Toronto Star publisher Jagoda Pike is leaving the newspaper business to lead Ontario's bid to host the 2015 Pan American Games.

"It's been a great 22-year run at Torstar. I love the Star. It's a fantastic institution. I wish it well," Pike said in an interview yesterday after it was announced that she will become president and chief operating officer for the Pan Am bid.

"But I'm excited to be heading into a new chapter," she said. "Ontario needs a win. This could be a really great win for us."

The Pan Am Games are held every four years and are open to athletes from 42 countries in the Americas. About 5,500 athletes participated in last year's games in Rio de Janeiro. Guadalajara, Mexico, is scheduled to host the next games in 2011.

Canada has not hosted the Games since Winnipeg in 1999.

"It's time for those games to come back north," Pike said. "What better place than Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe to host them? It would be a fantastic event given the size, breadth and diversity of this region."

Former premier David Peterson, who is chairing this bid, said he is thrilled that Pike has joined the team.

"She'll put it over the top," Peterson said. "She's got all the skills we need."

He cited her business expertise as well as her knowledge of the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton, where she twice chaired that city's bid to host the Commonwealth Games.

"She's enormously personable and smart, and she'll help to put a very intelligent and human face on this whole bid.

"We have to persuade 42 countries, or at least the majority of them, to vote for us," he said.

Pike will be joining Peterson, who played a key role in Toronto's 1996 and 2008 Olympic bids, and Premier Dalton McGuinty in Acapulco, Mexico, next week to launch Ontario's bid at the Pan American Sports Organization's annual meeting.

The final selection is likely to be made by next September.

McGuinty has been a keen supporter of the bid, having travelled to Beijing in August to lobby international sporting officials.

Toronto will likely be competing against Bogota, Colombia; Caracas, Venezuela; and Lima, Peru.

Given the slowing economy, Pike said hosting the Pan Am Games could be just "the shot in the arm" Ontario needs.

"Our economy is in trouble. We're losing jobs. We're not gaining jobs," she said. "We need a catalyst."

Cities in the Golden Horseshoe are eager to participate, so venues would be spread across the GTA as well as Niagara Region and up to Barrie.

The estimated $1.77 billion price tag would be shared equally by Ottawa, Queen's Park and the municipalities, with the province on the hook for any cost overruns.

It could generate about $2 billion in economic activity plus create 17,000 jobs and attract an estimated 250,000 tourists.

If Toronto and the region are chosen to host the games, it could help spur action on upgrading transportation infrastructure and building much-needed sporting facilities.

Pike, whose own children love swimming and playing hockey and lacrosse, said parents know that investment in sporting facilities is badly needed, especially if Ontario wants to nurture athletes of national and international calibre.

"If we're going to encourage kids to be active, you have to give them somewhere to be active in," she said. "You have to inspire them. You have to actually give them a place to be the best."

"My view is that you can't develop children without developing them both intellectually and physically," she said.

"There's so much good that could come out of this."

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Venezuela pulls Pan Am bid; Toronto, two other cities still in running

By The Canadian Press


TORONTO - Toronto has one fewer competitor in its quest to host the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's office says the group representing the city of Caracas, Venezuela, announced Friday that it had declined to table its bid.

That leaves only Lima, Peru, and Bogota, Colombia in contention with Toronto.

McGuinty is in Acapulco, Mexico, this week to present his province's case for hosting the event to the Pan American Sports Organization.

The $1.77-billion bid involves Toronto and at least 11 other municipalities throughout the Golden Horseshoe and as far north as Barrie.

The last time Ontario hosted a major international sporting was the 1930 Commonwealth Games in Hamilton in 1930.

Former Ontario premier David Peterson is heading Toronto's bid.

"Ontario is ready, willing, eager and able to host the 2015 Pan Am Games. We will do everything in our power to live up to the spirit of the Games, and make the event truly unforgettable," McGuinty said in a release.

It's estimated the Games would generate some $2 billion in economic activity, create 17,000 jobs and attract about 250,000 tourists in the province.

The Pan Am Games, which involve athletes from 42 countries, are held every four years, with the 2011 Games scheduled for Guadalajara, Mexico. Canada last hosted the Games in 1999 in Winnipeg.

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There`s basically no competition for this. Toronto has this in the bag.

Overconfidence... If Toronto comes up with a crappy with venues spread all over Southern Ontario it could lose. Also don ot underestimate latin-America lobbying power.

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Overconfidence... If Toronto comes up with a crappy with venues spread all over Southern Ontario it could lose. Also don ot underestimate latin-America lobbying power.

The thing is, I think that if Toronto loses the bid, it will be at home, either due to a lack of support and interest undermining it, a crappy spread out bid that makes all the regions happy but the overall plan suck, or a tighter, more close-knit bid that pisses off regions and has them make a big embarrassing stink. If we can do a similar job to our Olympic bids, I would be really shocked to see us lose.

When it comes to a split South American vote, it doesn't matter that much, in my mind. Toronto can win more than half the delegations without a single South American NOC (though obviously this is not what anyone would want, it is possible). Heck, Toronto can also win it without winning a single Spanish-speaking country (though this is not compatible with no South America). I think that by trying to play in Toronto's significant Caribbean-Canadian population and by tying the Pan Am Games to Caribana as strongly as feasibly possible, they can market it as a Games for the English Caribbean as well as for Canada, and since there have not been any Games in partially or predominantly-English nations since Winnipeg, they can possibly make this an effective argument. Perhaps I am too simplistic by overplaying the linguistic angle, but it seems to me to be a potentially strong division within PASO.

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Lima2015 website is constructing, so it'll take a little time for be completed, because there's only some parts where we can read, why Lima for example. And english languaje is not avaible yet.

If you want to see a little visit go to www.lima2015.org

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This race will come down to Toronto vs. Bogota.

Gosh Apple you think so ? Bogota is at high altitude and I would think Toronto vs Lima to be honest. Lima being at Sea level does not have Bogota's elevation problem and Toronto certainly will be the biggest media market the Pan Ams have ever had in North America as Chicago 1959 was hosted before TV really took off. Toronto also does not have a high elevation that sport administrators generally don't want to put their athletes thru for a relatively minor competition that is also an Olympic Qualifier. That factor alone could have an athlete who performs poorly at altitude not qualify for the 2016 olympics potentially let alone possible injury or possibly not recovering in time to Qualify for the Big SHow . Lima I think you have a sentiment factor of Peru Never Hosting and they have recently rolled out plans for a new stadium for athletics.

Jim jones

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I truly believe that Toronto is going to win the 2015 Pan Am Games. From talking to people involved in Toronto's bid, they get the since that people believe that it is Toronto's turn to host these games. Another major factor is that the Pan Am Games have not been hosted in a English speaking country since 1999.

Vote splitting between Columbia and Peru is also going to be a factor.

Toronto is also aggressively lobbying to host the 2015 Pan Am Games.

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I truly believe that Toronto is going to win the 2015 Pan Am Games. From talking to people involved in Toronto's bid, they get the since that people believe that it is Toronto's turn to host these games. Another major factor is that the Pan Am Games have not been hosted in a English speaking country since 1999.

Vote splitting between Columbia and Peru is also going to be a factor.

Toronto is also aggressively lobbying to host the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Well all that is good to think of but I don't understand the vote count to be honest as I think i read there are over 80 voters yet only 53 nations ? Toronto has a great shot . It is the Largest City in North America to bid on the Games Ever Actually . This keeps with the scale the games were afforded at the last games in Rio.

Somehow I would not be totally confident in Toronto and their optimistic view. I am sure they felt the same way about Hamilton 2010 , Toronto 2008 and Toronto 1996 all Failures. I don't think there is much of a vote splitting factor there as we would tend to believe. Bogota is High Attitude that will probably turn votes away and Colombia has hosted before . Lima is at sea level and Peru has never hosted before . It votes that don't go to Toronto could indeed all end up in Peru's column and if Toronto was not to win in the first round with a resounding Majority Lima could pull a second round win even if Toronto was the top vote getter in the first round . It has happened before with sports festival votes .

I wonder if indeed there are more votes on the South American continent then just one or two per nation in South America. If everything else above South America has as many or Fewer voters then South America itself then Toronto indeed could lose to a Lima . The Canoc Conference Lima and Bogota did not lobby at was said to have a little over 30 of the 80 votes . Where are the other 50 ? Canada, USA , Mexico would probably be Toronto friendly what of central America which could indeed be in the others pockets providing a majority if the Three North America countries indeed dont have many voters .

Lima are Proposing a revamped Athletics Stadium I believe and a larger capacity then Toronto 2015. the Spread for the Toronto 2015 bid may be the undoing .

jim jones

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Overconfidence killed Goliath............you just remember that.

True but I think also it is hard to tell who is taking a goliath role really. I know the Talk of Toronto as the big media market and so on but these are not the Olympics and whether the attention can be gotten for the Pan Ams in North America even with a hosting in Toronto is another thing completely . It will still probably be a games with a US broadcaster.

Jim jones

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