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Uefa Champions League 2008-09

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Why does the world hate me?

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Lucky draw for Manchester. Apparently, the best one for them.

I believe many people said the same some five years ago. :P

It'll be great to play with the world and European champions. FC Porto loves playing with the giants, loves being in the limelight, but, most of all, does wonders when it's branded the plum pick. ;)

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I didn't want to dismiss Porto's chances (on the contrary I'd want see them pass ;) )

but on paper the draw looks quite favourable to Manchester than anyone else.. also in a future perspective of the semifinal against Villareal or Arsenal.

While on the other side we have Liverpool (an always tough oppenent in Europe), Chelsea (last year's runner up), Barcelona (the clear favourite) and Bayern.

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Man U 2 - 2 Porto

Villareal 1 - 1 Arsenal

Man U played crappy and let in two away goals meaning Porto can settle for a 0-0 or 1-1 draw to advance. Arsenal need a 0-0 draw on home soil to go through.


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Galliani says it is so difficult time for Milan to be met by the third or fourth place in the Series A.

At the beginning of each season, Milan has the same goal, to be champion, but polsjednjih few years that goal during the season change, so you can begin to fulfill Rossoneri and lower in the rankings.

Last year we were fifth, this year we have about the third place, we are better, but is not it though, and thus must meet, serious Galliani was speaking about the situation in Milan.

Yet he was serious when he talked about the situation in Italian football.

If you do not build new stadione difference between us and the other big European clubs will expand even more. Milan is in Europe was a good all these years only because of the constant presence of the President, but what remains. Black says the future of the Italian clubs and can not build private stadiums, while not removed, and track-and-field runways with them, while supporters are not close to the ground, while the centers do not stop with sharing the stadium until you change the way business in the clubs, said Galliani aludirajući the situation as the government in the Premiership.

In such a situation we are reconciled with the fact that in Italy we can not bring players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Henry etc, concluded Galliani.

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Didier Drogba will miss at least four European matches after being banned for his reaction to Chelsea's Champions League semi-final defeat by Barcelona.

The striker was banned for six games, with two suspended for two years.

His Blues team-mate Jose Bosingwa was banned for three European games, with a further one-match ban also suspended.


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