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Uefa Champions League 2008-09

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Roma gave Arsenal virtually no problems. Arsenal looked like they should have scored many more than the one they did. If they score in Rome, which I think they will, they'll be through in my opinion.

Man Utd, similarly, looked like they could have been 3-0 at half time in Milan. I can't see them letting it slip at Old Trafford. Furthermore, I believe Man Utd's injured players will be back in the frame for the home tie - Inter will have wanted to inflict some damage on the weakened side at home. They didn't.

Juventus - Chelsea is possibly harder to predict. But Juve did lose the first leg and have to score.

I don't think I was being unfair saying it wasn't so good for the Italian sides. It wasn't.

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Its not unfair, but its also not completely accurate. The Italian sides are not out of things and for Roma and Juve playing at home can see them through and like I said United is not in the best of positions, one defensive lapse or bad penalty and they could be ouot.

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Talking about italian side in Europe, yesterday Milan completeted the picture having been eliminated from Uefa Cup, together with Samp and Fiorentina.

As regards Champions, I see Inter and Roma in precarious positions than Juve.

Roma isn't enough mature to handle CL as other top teams yet and plus they lose some of its sprightly game this year.

Inter.. you know, they always have troubles in managing their nerves and be pragmatic in Europe. As Rob said, it's hard to think them getting through in Old Trafford.

Juve and Chelsea stay on the same level. In first leg Juve paid mostly the aware start but then they did their job. They obviously need another approach in Torino.

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Great night of football. Liverpool were utterly brilliant and Real look like a team full of old men. Good to see Chelsea through as well. And 12-1 on aggregate for Bayern against Sporting is ridiculous - no team at this stage of the competition should be losing by those sorts of margins!

Up to Man Utd and Arsenal now to make it a clean sweep for us. Here's hoping...

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And the trash-talk coming out of Lisbon saying that the 4 weakest teams were drawn against each other and that they would beat Bayern.

Yea when I say the 7-1 score I thought it was aggregate not the score from today's match.

Hopefully Bayern's form continues against whomever they are drawn against (hoping for Villarreal)

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Utd through and still on for (scarily) five trophies this season.

Barcelona sound like they eased off and let Lyon back in a bit but still eased through.

Both Madrid teams are now out but Portugal's pride is restored with Porto reaching the next stage on away goals.

Roma - Arsenal into E.T.

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Alarming, but hopefully just a one-off.

Inter lost to arguably the best team in the world, Roma were just unlucky and Juventus put up a really good fight and. On another day, Arsenal could easily have lost that penalty shoot out and Juventus could have definitely beaten Chelsea. I can't say the same about Inter.

But two of those three results could easily have swung the other way.

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A Roma fan has been arrested after an Arsenal supporter was stabbed before the sides’ Champions League last 16, second leg in Rome on Wednesday evening.

Arsene Wenger’s side progressed to the quarter finals of the competition after overcoming their Italian opponents 7-6 on penalties, having lost 1-0 in normal time.

However, prior to kick off a coach carrying Arsenal fans was stormed by a group of Roma ‘Ultras’ just outside the Stadio Olimpico in the Italian capital.

The windows of the vehicle were smashed and at least one intruder boarded the coach, letting off a flare and stabbing an Arsenal fan in the knee. The victim was treated at the stadium and his injuries are not thought to be serious.

Arsenal had issued safety information for supporters of the North London side travelling to the game, in the wake of fears of violence. Sixteen Manchester United fans were stabbed near the ground in two separate incidents in 2007 when the teams met in the competition.

Rome has been selected as the venue for this season’s Champions League final, but officials of the city have been warned by Uefa they could be stripped of the showpiece if any serious acts of hooliganism occur before the May 27 game.


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Quarter finals draw:

1 Villarreal v Arsenal

2 Manchester United v Porto

3 Liverpool v Chelsea

4 Barcelona v Bayern München

UEFA Champions League semi-finals

1st leg: 28/29 April; 2nd leg: 5/6 May

Winner quarter-final 2 v Winner quarter-final 1

Winner quarter-final 4 v Winner quarter-final 3

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