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The Poll For The Eruedan Memorial Medal


15 members have voted

  1. 1. Athlete of the Beijing Olympics

    • Usain Bolts - JAM - Athletics
    • Chris Hoy - GBR - Cycling
    • Michael Phelps - USA - Aquatics
    • Stephanie Rice - AUS - Aquatics
    • Kai Zue - CHN - Gymnastics
    • Somebody else - please specify!

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Since I am convinced it is a good idea to create a prize for every Olympic Games, which is awarded by us GB-members after the Olympic Flame has extinguished.

The name of the prize should remind us on one of our members, who died two years ago in a tragic car-accident = Eruedan!

After the first try to make a voting round for the Eruedan Memorial Medal I decided to reduce the prize categories to one category = athlete, who impressed me most

You are allowed to choose two athletes! If one or even two athlete(s), who impressed you most, is/are not among the given poll choices, please specify these athlete in your post - I will add up the votes for the resp. athlete or athletes, who is/are specified in the posts, afterwards...

The athlete, who received most of the votes, will receive the golden EMM, the next one the silver EMM and the third one the bronze EMM.

I hope this way of voting has more success!

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