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One Important Chinese Achievement Left Out

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Happened to watch part of a old documnetary on the Three Gorges Dam tonight. And it occured to me that they had curiously left out any allusion to this in the Opening Ceremony while outlining China's achievements and contributions to the world. (And I had mentioned this before.)

Per that documentary, the Dam will finally be operable next year, and will cost some $30 billion -- which is of course, cheap considering the $40 bil tag of the Games.

I think this project was probably initially considered in the "printing blocks" sequence where it would have fit in perfectly -- and where they did allude to the Great Wall, but I think the so-called environmental and human displacement the Dam project has created, determined that it be removed. The Torch Relay and Tibet issues were controversial enough.

So someone here was asking what might have been some concepts initially thought of for the OC that were later discarded. I think portraying the Three Gorges Dam was an early candidate. It is another massive piece of engineering and a BIG industrial nation prestige project. Instead Yimou just chose to (or was ordered to) do the Birds Nest thing since that engenders a lot of pride amongst the Chinese and is a less controversial piece of engineering rather than making mention of the Three Gorges Dam.

The guess the Chinese are saving the inauguration for next year ...on 09/09/09!! :D

Other thoughts, theories?

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