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Team Usa

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For me, the Top 3 Team Sports Gold Medalists were...

1. Men's Indoor Volleyball

2. Women's Soccer

3. Men's Basketball

I was about to put in either Beach Volleyball teams but, with the way the Redeem Team played against Spain, with a lot of questionable calls and dirty plays, plus the changed attitude instilled by Colangelo, I would put them ahead of the beach volley teams.

I've put the women's soccer team ahead of the Redeem Team because the Redeem Team is expected to win, the women's soccer are not after Wambach's injury. And to win it with redemption for their goalie, defensive plays and to beat the Best Offensive Soccer Team in the World, Brazil, it is extra special.

Men's Indoor Volley, this could very well be a very different team next Olympics so it's now or never for them. Plus the tragedy before the games started. And the way they came back, game after game after game and went undefeated. It's just sad NBC didn't show them live most of their games, specially the Gold Medal Match.

My top Team USA Golden moment was the 4x100 Men's Free Relay, hands down.

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