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The 8ths!! My favorite of the Rowing events:


1. USA (1st time since 1984 in Los Angeles)

2. Nederlands, just clipped the

3. Romanians at the finish!


1. Canada

2. GBR

3. USA (from gold in Athens)

an Anglo-Saxon triumvirate!

Just love watching the 8's teams go. Especially from the air, it's like a fleet of fluvial centipedes are unleased for their race!!

Weak showing from OZ. No NZ, Russian, German, Italian and Chinese teams in the finals this time!! Where did they go?

Can't wait for them to add 8s in the Whitewater rafting events!!

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Unfortunately the British eight left it too late to try to row the Canadians down. Had they gone for it from about 750 to go, I think they'd have stolen the gold. Still, it's been an excellent regatta for us. Six medals and the leading nation. Can't be that bad.

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