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And the fairy tale comes to an end for Wu Xue. Seems that she has lost steam in her final match which went 11-5 against her favour, but do remember that she has on the way beaten two players ranked above her, and jumped from 33 position in the last Olympics to the current top 8 finish. A marvellous run indeed!

Meanwhile, Wang runs all over Tie with another convincing 11-4 win. And so we have the following four in the semi finals:


Zhang Yining

Wang Nan

Guo Yue


Li Jiawei

Yawn? Yeah, for those who are looking to see a more interesting line-up of finalists. I suppose we have to wait more years for this to happen!

Cheers to all eight players, and congratulations to the last four!

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Oh my word .. there goes Singapore's chances of another medal... looks like Li Jia Wei will add another 4th place in the singles to the one she did in Athens .

Haha....perhaps if Feng was the 4th seed and changed place with Li, a medal hope might be a little higher? :P

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Anyway, the Fourth Round in the Men's singles event has just been completed. These men must have a problem with the seeding system, for more than half of them aren't giving it much attention!

Ok....the obvious first. All three top seeded Chinese players proceeded smoothly to the last eight without much problems.

Then the surprises. Of the last eight, there are only four seeded players left, with the last seeded player being 12th-seed Oh Sang Eun of South Korea, himself beating 5th-seed Timo Boll of Germany with a very convincing margin of 4-1. We have unseeded Ko Lai Chak of Hong Kong who earlier trashed South Korea's 6th seed Ryu Seung Min, and now defeated 11th-seed Dimitrij Ovtcharov of Germany. Unseeded Jörgen Persson of Sweden sent off Hong Kong's 9th-seed Cheung Yuk, then shocked Belarus' 4th-seed Vladimir Samsonov. And then there is unseeded Tan Ruiwu of Croatia, who swept aside Singapore's 10th-seed Gao Ning, and then disposed off Hong Kong's 8th-seed Li Ching. So what do we have left? Announcing the last eight...


Wang Hao

Wang Liqin

Ma Lin


Zoran Primorac

Tan Ruiwu

Hong Kong, China

Ko Lai Chak

South Korea

Oh Sang Eun


Jörgen Persson

Is Croatia the new Table Tennis powerhouse of Europe?

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