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So The Nbc's Version Of The Ceremony Is The Real One By Zhang


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MJ, so what happened to the Terra Cotta Warriors sequence? I never saw that -- as well as the Chinese Opera segment.

nope, apparently the theme has been stolen by MUMMY3:Tomb Of The Dragon Emporer

well~I think it's maybe because most of the Chinese audiences really get tired of it and expecting Zhang really to present less stereotypes of China but more romance and vivid images instead. I saw the interview and it's the audiences of the first rehearsal suggested him to call off that part. Plus Terra Cotta Warriors was the wonder of imperialized China, not really reflecting ''HARMONY'' in connect with Olympics values. So I glad to see they pick Confucious's philosophy instead. Old but classic, timeless and wise. It's the mature side of Chinese vision of the world. That's generally why I think.

But overall it's only a 55 minutes presentation... And Beijing elements also need to be included because it's in Beijing, not Shanghai, Hongkong or other parts of China.

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