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The German Team At The Beijing Olympics

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Fantastic news!

I am sorry I have not dropped into the German virtual hospitality room before now. I have been a little busy with work and when I get home, I seems to be addressing U.S. issues, trying to make those pesky Brits understand how we really count the medal tally (just kidding!) ;) and watching the games coverage at the same time!

I love watching Germany in the Olympics now. As you know, I am from a different era of these games. But the performance of Germany in these games is second to none. So here is raising a big glass of brewskie to you and congratulating you on just being Germany - and doing a great job. *clink*

Thanks very much Todd - yeah I think it changed a lot after the cold war - therefore it was interesting to see during the Beijing Olympics how political the Olympic Games still are...

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congratulations to the German hockey team!

thanks michael

mhh - I think the German team performed in Beijing good, but I think it was visible that the German sports federation have to find a way, how to attract people to do "Leistungssport" (competitive sport) - and not just doing it, but winning, too.

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