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Hot Bods Of The Games!

Sir Rols

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Here is a real mixture of types for everyone. Should be someone to suit everyone here.


Fabian Hambuechen, Germany(My personal award goes to this guy for cutest of the Olympics so far)


Arturo Miranda , Canada


Say hello to the Aussie rowing team


Divert your eyes it's the GB sprint cycling team.....check out the size of those thighs on Jamie Staff and Chris Hoy


Andrea Minguzzi has already been mentioned but I really like this pic of him.


Sex would always be interesting with Australias Matthew Mitcham


Canadas Despatie looks slightly excited in this one

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Jankovic is quite ugly, IMO.

It depends. I saw her in Belgrade during Eurovision, and the woman has style!

There is also another tennis player from Serbia, Ana Ivanovic who presented Belgrad in a break of the second semifinal, but she was injured and didn't participate in Belgrade.


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Hehe. I can tell you haven't been on these forums long; we have quite a large gay contingent here on Gamesbids.

But Jon, if you want to make some posts and redress the balance in this thread you are more than welcome to! I won't complain. ;)

Edited by Rob ♪
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