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Tv-coverage Of The Beijing Olympics In Germany

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I am very glad that the public channels have the TV-rights for Olympic Games in Germany - therewith we have a liver coverage without any commercials inbetween.


The two public channels ARD (1st channel) and ZDF (2nd channel) rotate in the TV-coverage - one day ARD the next day ZDF shows Beijing - the coverage starts appr. at 02:00 am and ends appr. 06:00 p.m..



At the same time Eins Plus, Eins Festival (two digital channels of ARD) and ZDFdoku, ZDFinfo (two digital channels of ZDF) are showing Beijing, too - focusing on team sports and sports, which were not shown simultanously on ARD and ZDF.


Since Germany is in Europe we have the great luck that we can watch an European Sport Channel "Eurosport", which was founded by the Eurovision members. The TV-coverage of Eurosport starts appr. 04:00 a.m. and ends appr. 06:30 p.m.

Therewith you have sometimes the opportunity to choose between four different sports which were shown at the moment...

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After one week "Beijing Olympics" I have to say that I am a little bit annoyed about the ARD...

Since Beijing is ahead in time the competitions have finished when I come home from the office and I would like to watch the highlights of the day on TV...

The ZDF (the other public channel) starts with its highlight program at 08:15 p.m. - the ARD starts with its highlight program at 05:40 p.m. that is much too early....

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