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Underwhelmed By The Opening Ceremony


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I was a bit disappointed withe the opening myself as I expressed in another forum. The thing is, somehow the "opulence" was missing. It still was pretty good but I expected so much more grandure.

I think a large part of it may have to do with which network you were watching it on too. Down here, I watched it on CBC Toronto. While the commenmtary was very good the camera crew did an awful job of breaking for ads at really important points. NBC's coverage was way better but strangely, the ceremony was edited and some of the segments were left out. It was only after seeing some clips from the opening that were being used as "fillers" did I realised that the full ceremony was not carried.

I don't understand why they have different camera angle used by different TV station?

Isnt it better for all TV station to use the designated camera angle so the ceremony director can have more control on how he wants to show the ceremony to the world according to his ideal preferance??

This is cos I read NBC's 'cinematography' is better than the one we watched here in BBC and this will really affect how millions of TV viewers perceive the ceremony!

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