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TOGO GETS BRONZE! Their first medal ever!

G: GRIMM Alexander (Germany)

S: LEFEVRE Fabien (France)

B: BOUKPETI Benjamin (Togo)

Not only a great Olympic story for Togo, but first gold for Germany. Congratulations!

For God's sake - the first gold medal is the most difficult one!

I am very glad about that - congratulations Alexander!


Alexander Grimms homepage

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Russia gets their second gold in wrestling defeating Azerbaijan again.

G: ALBIEV Islam-Beka - Russian Fed.

S: RAHIMOV Vitaliy - Azerbaijan

B: TIUMENBAEV Ruslan - Kyrgyzstan

B: TENGIZBAYEV Nurbakyt - Kazakhstan

Good luck beating the number of "z"s in the nations of that podium.

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