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Images From The Opening Ceremony Of The 29th Olympic Games


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here are my favourite moments/ideas of the OC:

The LED-drums were fantastic in combination with the "traditional" percussion


That was stunning - the quote by Konfuzius and these amazing traditional costumes!


Wonderful effect - this "keyboard" and how the chinese sign of Harmony appeard again and again


This was one of my favourite moments since it shows a kind of spontanously joy


The idea of the photos from all over the world on the umbrellas was very nice


Simple beautiful: how the Olympic Rings seemed to be formed by the light of the fireworks - and how it was slowly lifted up into the air


And finally the lit of the cauldron


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And then you wonder -- what wll do with this globe afterwards? WHo will bid for it and keep it in their house? Or even parts of it? :blink:

well - maybe somebody, who likes to do sport - there are so many people, who do not live in an area, where you can run without being in danger to have an accident - therefore the globe can be erect in a garden and you can run daily without any risk

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