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Beijing Sends Mugabe Packing

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This from smh.com.au

ZIMBABWE'S President, Robert Mugabe, has been forced to return home following intense political pressure from the Chinese Communist Party not to attend Friday night's opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.

The Herald understands high-powered lobbying from political leaders who will be attending the ceremony prompted the highest levels of the Chinese Government to convince him not to attend. It is understood he had arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday but could get no further.

The two countries have a close relationship and it took intense persuasion to convince Mr Mugabe to return to Zimbabwe and not cause embarrassment to the host country.

A Mugabe spokesman, George Charamba, wrote in a Zimbabwean newspaper: "President Mugabe attaches great importance to the ongoing talks [between the Government and Opposition], which is why he is not going to China for the grand opening of the Olympics."

The US President, George Bush, and the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, will be among heads of state attending the opening ceremony. The pro-Tibet supporter and Tour de France runner-up Cadel Evans will respect the Olympic rules and not protest at Games venues, says the Australian Olympic Committee president, John Coates.

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Ah one mans oppressor in Southern Africa is not unlike the President who supports the Genocide in Northern Africa mainly Danfur. one Chinese President named Hu Jintao. Bush or Hu Jintao it is basically war and killing of civilians for OIL to fuel their economies.


Yeah playing both sides of the Genocide fence is only good old Chinese Capitalism.

Mugabe is certainly not to be held in any light then what he actually is a brutal dictator but many leaders are not much better unless you really want to fool yourself. I love that the Canadian Athletes will spend no more then 4 days in advance of their respective events in Beijing . If that keeps up between many of your larger nations will be fairly sparse of Athletes for the opening ceremonies. The Games in Beijing seem to becoming a bit of a joke really. Between Politics, Human rights , censorship and the smog there is enough negative there to think that we might actually see worse like an athlete dying on the Marathon course or something.

To me you would think I was down on Beijing Completely but really it is sad to spend 42 billion to then have these problems with the games that will probably be marred with these distractions. Truly I wished the Chinese would have had a better run up to this and resolved many of the issues like Tibet. The IOC picked this Candidate City and it seems to be a match made in Hell.

Jim jones

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