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Katerina Thanou, Her Participation, Ioc Reactions

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The participants in the story:

Katerina Thanou, Greek champion at 100m athletics.


SEGAS - Greek athletics federation

Katerina Thanou at 14th July at Rethimno, ran the 100m at 11:39. IOC doesn't wan't to see Thanou, but they don't have a legal reason for this. Since August 2004 they have her as an opponent. More or less IOC thinks that Thanou made a mistake and she wasn't punished as she should be. Maybe IOC though that Thanou wouldn't come back, and that's why they didn't deal with her more.

On the other hand Thanou has a life goal to win the last race and to leave with her head on. She says 'IOC didn't punish me. I have the limit and I will go to the Olympics'. IOC says ' When Thanou gave her accreditation at the 2004 Olympics she stoped being an Olympic athlete'. Her accreditation for the Beijing will be examined at the Executive Comittee on 2-3 August in Beijing. Thanou's lawyer Grigoris Ioannidis says 'There is a legal frame that forbits her presence. As there isn't any sentence against her'.

SEGAS doesn't react. Their top champion for years is thrown dirt but they don't react like the matter doesn't involve them. At least they included her in the Olympic Team. NOC approved her. They don't have a reason for the contrary. Thanou isn't accused for something. Or she is accused and we don't know about it?

The game gets tougher. There is another story open. The gold medal of Marion Jones from 2000. She was first, Thanou was second. Jones was confessed that she was doped. So? A decision that IOC holds as long as they can. The evil plan of IOC wants IOC to give Thanou the gold medal of Sydney, and Thanou to not participate in Beijing. Here legaly they can't do anything else. Thanou wasn't found doped in 2000 and the medal belongs to her, and she also has the right to participate in Beijing.

IOC says she is guilty for the story of 2004.

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Episode 2

IOC sent today a letter to the Hellenic Olympic Comittee, asking to remind which were the accusations against Thanou for the incidents of 2004. The NOC asked from the court office in Athens the file of the trial.

IOC wants to examine the case again, based on the decision of the executive comittee on 18th August 2004, paragraph 5 which says 'Any future participation of Mr Konstantinos Kenteris, Mrs Katerina Thanou and Mr Christos Tzekos will be examined by the IOC'

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Episode 3

Thanou sent today a letter to the IOC asking

1. To get gold medal of Sydney 2000

2. To be allowed to participate in Beijing.

IOC doesn't have a legal case against Thanou. They can only forbid her to participate because ' The participation of someone with legal cases opened insults the Olympic movement', the feeling in IOC for her is bad.

Rumours in Greece say that IOC will give the gold medal to Thanou and not allow her to participate in Beijing. In this case Thanou will held a press conference, with the secret details of the agreement between her, IOC and IAAF.

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Episode 4

Katerina Thanou gave a press conference today.

My silence is not random. It is a choice. I was waiting for the justification which came with the time and the people. The last period I live a war situation. The glass is full. I receive strong pressures to stop. Unfortunately some try to take my focus from the preparation and they don't want me to participate in the Olympics. I want to compete.

My accreditation in Athens Olympics, I was forced to handed it in after pressure and threats. The play happens again. I receive pressures not to participate in Olympics. They are bothered that I want to participate. I was the only athlete that I had to reply writing to the NOC if I want to run in China.

Many are written but there is nothing against me. The last 2 years I have passed from 24 unknown doping tests. I'm sure that there is not equality with the rest of the athletes. I participate in the pilot program of IAAF, according to which one hour everyday for one year I have to report where I am.

I don't want to talk about what happened in 2004. I will speak about it one day. Four years after I stand on my feet and I have the time limit with the 60% of my abilities. It was my choice not to press myself. What it is written doesn't touch my soul. I know that the Greek people support me. I'm strong and I will continue after the Beijing Olympics. I say yes in challenge of London.

It is possible that the IOC decision will be made just 2-3 days before the 100m races. I have to wait untill 7th August when IOC will meet. I don't know the agenda, but I suppose that the 2000 Gold medal in 100m will be discussed, and also my participation in Beijing. I try to prepare myself, although in normal conditions I'm not supposed to be here but training.

Grigoris Ioannidis, one of her lawyers, said that forbiding Thanou to participate in Beijing is illegal. In case Thanou is not allowed, they are going to sue the IOC and certain individuals (Rogge included).

Maria Kevga, the other lawyer, siad that the examination of the case by IOC is not legal because the matter is still under the Greece justice authorities and no decision has been made yet.

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Episode 5

We wait for the press conference of the IOC president on 7th August, 16:30 local time, 11:30 Greek time that we'll see if IOC will allow Thanou to participate and what happens with the 2000 Jones gold medal.

In case Thanou isn';t allowed to participate she will move legally against IOC.

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Episode 6

Lambis Nikolaou, Greek member and IOC vice president said today 'IOC will say no to Thanou'

His estimation that IOC will not allow Katerina Thanou to participate in the Beijing Olympics expressed today IOC first vice president Lambis Nocolaou, during a conversation he haid with reporters in Beijing.

'On 8th August the executive comittee will examine Katerina's Thanou case and will decide if she will participate or not. If the decision is no, then Thanou has the right to appeal to the CAS. I estimate that the case is difficult'

'I estimate that if the letter from her lawyers it wasn't in such an aggressive tone, then things would be different and the result would make us happy'

Also Mr Nikolaou said that Chinese will organize very good Games. 'We shouldn't compare them with the Games we made in Greece. The facts are very different as well the conditions these Games are being organized'

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Episode 7

There was no decision today. Rumours say that IOC will decide next week, so Thanou can't have the time she needs to appeal in CAS.

Are they afraid of her or what?


Also about Jone's 2000 gold medal, IOC will decide after the Olympics what they will do with her medals, as well the 4x400 US medal.

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IOC announced that Katerina Thanou is not allowed to participate in Beijing.

We'll have reactions from her today. They already said that in a negative response, they will appeal to CAS.

Thanou is the last week passed from 3 doping test, and from the start of year a total of 19.

The Jones' medal wasn't discussed.

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