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Congrats to Whitfield on another Olympic medal! Silver for Canada!

man, i really thought he was a shoe-in for gold when he started that sprint, it was so close....he may have started that sprint a bit too early. What a great race!

I should also mention that Whitfield is another British Columbian, where nearly all of Canada's medals at these Games have been produced.

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Gold: Germany

Silver: Canada

Bronze: New Zealand!

Docherty wins his second medal for new zealand after winning silver 4 years ago!

This is awesome! Congrats! B)

I told you in the second week that things would open up for NZ and Canada.

Oz - I'm thinking 3-4th place now. B)

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We wish!


Give it time . . . give it time B)

I still think Australia has something up it's sleeve this last week.

Yes things are looking slightly better for new zealand! We now have more medals than we achieved at the last three games!

NZ seems to be getting their groove down. Fantastic!

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