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Request For Fencing Ticket (fe01)

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I just had a request tonight from a friend of mine (member of the canadian diving team) for ticket for her roomate (wich is the boyfriend of a member of the canadian fencing team)

Ticket needed is FE01 (W Indv'l Sabre Eliminations; W Indv'l Sabre 1/4 Finals) (Saturday, August 09 10:00 -13:45) (10$)

Since I want to accomodate her and I have a lot of extra tickets : I can give in exchange by example a Gymnastic GA01 (A category) ticket for the same day (twice the value) or a Beach Volleyball BV02 (A category) for the same day (also twice the value). Or if you prefer, other event that I got in extra that we can discuss in PM

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