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Some Thoughts With 1 Month To Go

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I've been doing some thinking now that the 29th Olympiad is now 1 month away. I definitely have to wonder what must be going through the minds of the athletes who have qualified in their respective sports for their countries. I can only imagine that anxiety and even a little bit of nervousness is starting to set in, even for the experienced Olympians. The fact that out of over 6 billion people on this earth, only 13,000 during the 4 year Olympic period (Winter and Summer mind you) can call themselves Olympians, and if you were one of them, you would have to take tremendous pride in that privilege. For most of the athletes going to compete in Beijing, this may be the only time they get to compete in an Olympic Games, so I hope they take full advantage of a wonderful opportunity.

All I know is that if I were an Olympian, and I was about to compete in Beijing, I would not sleep the night before the Opening Ceremony, because I would be too nervous and excited to sleep. Instead, I would go out on the town, take in the night scenery and ask the locals for advice. I would probably also read, go online or chat with other Olympians dealing with the same restless night.

Even those who don't win medals, they can tell their children and grandchildren that they competed in the Olympic Games, and tell them of how proud they are of having the honour and privilege.

What an honour it will be to follow the exploits of 11,000 remarkable yet ordinary people, doing incredible feats.

Long live the Olympic spirit!

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I've been doing some thinking now that the 29th Olympiad is now 1 month away.

Sorry for being a wise guy -- but I didn't know the complete story either until a few minutes ago. It's the Games of the 29th Olympiad which are only one month away. The Olympiad is only the time period of four years between two editions of the Olympic Games.

But did you know that each Olympiad doesn't start respectively end with the celebration of the Olympic Games, but on the 1st of January of the respective Olympic year? This is even confirmed in the Olympic Charter:

Bye-law to Rule 6

1. An Olympiad is a period of four consecutive calendar years, beginning on the first of

January of the first year and ending on the thirty-first of December of the fourth year.

2. The Olympiads are numbered consecutively from the first Games of the Olympiad

celebrated in Athens in 1896. The XXIX Olympiad will begin on 1 January 2008.

3. The Olympic Winter Games are numbered in the order in which they are held.

So we're in the 29th Olympiad not since the closing ceremony of Athens 2004 (as I originally thought) or it doesn't begin with the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 -- in fact, it's going on since January 1 of this year.

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