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Is That True You Can't Bring Any Drinks Into The Venus?

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Ok, found this news report. Generally sayin that in order to prevent any potential copyrights stealing, no audiences would be allowed to bring any drinks or wearing highly commercialised shirts feature the brands of non-olympic sponsors in any of the venus of Beijing Games. So if you're feeling thirsty, then got to buy only Coca-Cola..... SO I admit I'm a bit shock of this. Does anyone know this is the real tradition passes by every Olympic games since the last decade?




人民网北京7月5日电 从7月11日开始,北京将对主要地区、机场、车站、奥运场馆周边地区进行广告控制。










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You CANNOT bring any liquids into the venues, that includes drinks and that includes drinks from the official sponsor, Coca-Cola. This is a security measure, not a revenue protection effort. You should assume that the security at the checkpoints (which are generally at a distance from the venues themselves) is as stringent as airport security checkpoints. Even liquids such as eye drops, etc. will be questioned and very possibly confiscated.

I doubt that if an individual shows up wearing a Hewlett-Packard T-shirt instead of a Lenovo one, that anybody will care. However, if 5 busloads of 200 people show up wearing H-P, that might provoke some interesting dialogues in real time.

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As for the thirsty crowds, Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of all non-alcoholic beverages, and only their products will be sold in the concession stands. Based on my own observations at various test events, the #1 seller was water, followed by their non-fizzy locally produced drinks, and only distantly the standard carbonated cola.

This setup is nothing new for 2008, it's been this way for some time. Otherwise, why would any company ever want to be a sponsor. I assure you, for what KO (and the other sponsors) had to deal with/put up with under BOCOG these last few years, being allowed to provide beverages to the concessionaires is small compensation.

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I remember the IOC warned the Dutch NOC because a few Dutch spectators had shirts with to large names of non-sponsors on it.

But yes, I think the liquids is a case of security. In the Vatican city also all bottles were taken by the security, on airports it's the same, our Houses of parliament also.

But there was a post here somewhere, and someone stated a bottle in China will cost 30 cents?

Can we take sun protection with us in to the venue? That's maybe easy if it's an outside venue.

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It is standard practice at all major sports events these days to confiscate any food/drink items not purchased onsite. The kiosks/concessions are businesses and know they can jack up the price to whatever level they want. At AFL (Aussie rules football) matches a 600ml Coke goes for $4.50. Coke has exclusive rights at most grounds. Of course I could get the same drink for $1.50 at a supermarket...

As for Beijing prices - the standard price for a bottle of Coke (500ml or so) is 3-4yuan at most kiosks in the touristy areas. That's around 50cents-70cents US. You can get them cheaper elsewhere - water and a non carbonated orange kind of drink (cant remember what it is called but is like very sweet orange juice - but that fake orange taste - like Fanta gone flat almost) is cheaper - 2 yuan (30-40 cents) is about standard. I'd expect prices to be considerably dearer at the Games venues though.

Beijing as a whole is very cheap for food and drink. You can spend next to nothing and eat very well. You can also spend a LOT of money in some establishments! I was surprised that McDonalds was around 24-28 yuan for a large meal - so thats about $4US or so - not much difference there!

I personally am budgeting (after accomodation) around $50 a day. Of course I will probably spend much more on pins/shirts etc but with transport so cheap (and whatever remaining Olympic tickets will also be quite cheap), 250-300 yuan is more than enough to live very well.

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