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Why Are Latino Entertainers The Headliners For The Closing Ceremonies?

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So, there seems to be a new trend insofar as big sports events' Closing Ceremony headliners. They seem to be going Latino way...


- Chuck Mangione for Lake Placid 1980

- Lionelo Ritchardo for Los Angeles 1984

- Gloria Estefan for Atlanta 1996 and Salt Lake 2002

- Ricky Martin for Torino 2006

- Enrique Iglesias for Euro 2008.

Did I miss anyone else? Who will they have for Beijing? JeLO and her hubby?

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Ricky Martin also had something to do with FIFA World Cup in France in '98 didn't he?

Maybe they want some latin people with they upbeat and epileptic dancing to make less boring closing ceremonies. :P

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Also, there was Aussie Vanessa Amorosi in the Sydney 2000 Closing. (I mean, she is of Italian/Latin extraction.) And actor Adam Garcia was an onstage dancer that evening.

What Brazilian/So. American stars did they have for the PanAm 2007 Closing?

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we are latinos mami, we are fuerte :P XD

ok, I don't know that reason, maybe that's just coincidence, anyway, I don't think that is a thing about preference, just casting.

pd: I hope celine dion won't sing the beijing 2008 song.

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As most Closing Ceremonies, Rio's was kinda boring: Some things may have helped ruining the mood for a festive farewell party:

The rainy weather as the flag was being raised by firemans who worked in São Paulo's Air Crash on July 17th seemed like an funeral.

Then Ana Costa and Arnaldo Antunes (brazilians) performed "Viva Essa Energia" (portuguese for "share the energy"), main theme and motto of the games. The athletes marched with the sound of a northeastern frevo orchestra, followed by guarani children singing an indigenous song - boring as hell-

Mariachis and Aztec dancers from Guadalajara performed before some mexican band called Telefunka during the handover.

Dorival Caymmy, a very respected brazilian singer/songwriter, and his daughter Alice performed "vamos chamar o vento" (let's call the wind") and extinguished the cauldron flame.

Next we had awful brazilian funk singer Fernanda Abreu and DJ Marlboro. Later we had Lenine (Brazil), Ramiro Mussoto (Argentina) and Jorge Drexler (Uruguay). American DJ Mike Relm made some sound.

The last one was Elza Soares, who sang our national anthem during the opening.

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