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Shipping Of Tickets By Cosport

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Dear Sir / Madame,

You are receiving this email notification because you have purchased individual tickets to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and elected to have one or more of your ticket Orders shipped to you. Please read this announcement very carefully as it provides important instructions that could affect the shipment of your tickets. It is critical that you read and take necessary action in the next 7 days to avoid your ticket shipment getting lost or cancelled.

1. Ticket Orders will be shipped only to the Account Holder. It is critical that the address we have on file for the Account Holder is correct for a package shipment.

2. Your Order(s) will be shipped to you via express courier service (UPS) between the 5th and 15th July from Beijing. We expect the shipments to arrive within 3 to 4 days of shipping. In the event that these dates need to be altered because of ticket collating issues, you will be notified in advance by email and a message will be posted on our website.

3. When your ticket Order leaves Beijing we will send you an email announcing this. You will also receive an automated email from UPS with a shipment tracking number and a link to the UPS website that you can use to track your shipment.

4. To verify and update the Account Holder ticket Order shipping address and day time phone number, please click on the following weblink: http://www.cosport.net/shipping/

5. You will have until the end of Wednesday 25th, June to change the address if required. We will not accept address changes after the 25th June.

6. We cannot ship tickets to a PO Box. You must provide a physical address for a UPS delivery.

7. If you have multiple orders and you require a change of address, you will need to make this change on each order.

8. Any Orders that have an inaccurate shipping address after the 25th June (i.e. PO Box), will have the shipping option cancelled and you will need to pick up the tickets from the Will-Call office in Beijing.

9. Please note that we will only ship tickets to the country, which you placed your order through. You will not be able to change the address to another country. If you will be leaving the country prior to the shipment dates, you will need to arrange for a neighbor or an alternative address in that country to receive the shipment. It will then be up to you to arrange forwarding of the shipment onto the location you are at. We are not permitted to change the country for delivery because of our contractual agreements with Beijing Organizing Committee (BOCOG) and International Olympic Committee (IOC).

10. BOCOG has informed CoSport this week, that Ceremony Tickets will not be distributed to any sponsors or General Sales Agents before mid July. This means that if your Order includes Opening or Closing Ceremony tickets, those Ceremony tickets will NOT be shipped to you. The other sporting event tickets in that Order will still be shipped to you as planned. All Opening or Closing Ceremony tickets will need to be picked-up at our will office in Beijing. There will be no exceptions. Please see the details on Will-Call pickup below.

11. In the event that you need to cancel your Order shipment and therefore elect Will-Call pickup instead, you must contact CoSport before the 30th June. No credits to shipping fees will be considered.

12. When the tickets are delivered to you by UPS, you or someone on your behalf will need to sign the delivery receipt. If nobody is available to accept delivery at the address you provide, the UPS courier will NOT leave the package. UPS will make up to 3 attempts to deliver the package. It is important that the phone number you provide on your shipment records is an accurate daytime phone number in the event that UPS needs to contact you. After the 3rd delivery attempt, it will be automatically shipped back to our office in Beijing for subsequent Will-Call pick-up. We will not be able to re-deliver these after the 3rd attempt.

13. Once tickets are received by you, you are solely responsible for safeguarding all tickets. Tickets are valuable and should be treated like currency. Tickets that are lost, stolen, forgotten, mutilated or destroyed will not be replaced. Tickets that are unreadable due to mutilation of any kind will not be accepted for admission. Tickets can not be re-printed.

Will-Call pickup

1. CoSport will announce on the 18th July the location and hours of operation of our Will-Call office in Beijing. The announcement will be made on the home page of our website www.cosport.com. We will not send an email providing this information. We are not able to announce the location before this date for security reasons. The announcement will be in English and Chinese, plus we will provide a map and directions. The Will-Call office is expected to be opened from the 23rd July until the end of the Games. Any changes to this date will be announced on the our website. The office will be located in downtown Beijing and will be open for extended hours, including weekends. We will not provide a Will-Call office in other cities.

2. To collect your ticket order, you will need to bring BOTH of the following items to the Will-Call office:

a) A copy of your Passport or Chinese PROC ID Card (Chinese residents only)

B) A copy of your Purchase Order Confirmation.

You will not be permitted to enter the Will-Call office without these documents.

3. In the event that you (the Account Holder) is unable to pick up the tickets in person, you will have the option to nominate an alternative person (a Proxy) to pick them up. Please see the details below on the process for nominating a Proxy.

Proxy Form Process

Due to ticketing regulations imposed by BOCOG and IOC, the policy on nominating a Proxy will be strictly followed.

A person can be a Proxy if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

1. They are the person indicated as the Ticket User on the Purchase Order Confirmation at the time the order was taken.

2. They have the same country residency as the Account Holder. Proof of residency in that country will be required at time of ticket pick-up (a passport, driver’s license, green card or other official document that proves they are a resident of that country)

3. They are a family member. The family member MUST have the same Last Name as the Account Holder. No exceptions will be considered.

Please note that a friend or acquaintance located in China that does not have residency in the country the ticket was purchased, can NOT be a proxy.

An Account Holder that resides in Beijing (as indicated on the Purchase Order Confirmation) cannot nominate a Proxy for that Order. The Account Holder will have to pick up the tickets themselves.

The process of nominating a Proxy will be undertaken directly on the CoSport website. Do not send details of your proxy via email, as these will not be accepted. The Proxy Form and all instructions for completing the form will be available on 1st July 2008 on our website www.cosport.com . The Account Holder will be responsible for completing the Proxy Form and will need to provide the Proxy’s permanent address, Passport ID, and contact details.

In all cases the Proxy will need to have ALL the following with them at the time of ticket pick-up:

a) copy of the Purchase Order Confirmation

B) copy of the completed Proxy Form (automatically sent to the Account Holder email address once the Proxy form is submitted)

c) The Proxy’s passport or Chinese ID Card

d) Additional proof of residency in the country the Order was purchased, if their passport is not from that country.

Failure to provide the above documents at the time of ticket pick up will result in you NOT being able to receive your tickets.

If you have any questions after reading the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us at cosport@cosport.com or one of the numbers below if you have any questions or need additional information.

North America

Telephone (from within the US or Canada) – Toll Free: 1-877-45 RINGS (+1-877-457-4647)

From outside the US: +1-908-766-2227. Hours: Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 5:30pm EST


Telephone: +43 (1) 713-3534. Hours: Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 5:00pm (Austria time)


Telephone: +61 (0) 2 9241-5500. Hours: Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 5:00pm (Sydney time)


The CoSport Team

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Interesting timing. Whether for security/anticounterfeiting/antiscalping reasons, or just that BOCOG seems to be running generally behind, tickets (excluding the Chinese domestic Phase 3 sale) are really ending up in buyers' hands about as late as possible. Especially for the Opening Ceremonies tickets, which will essentially be impossible for most people to resell/transfer once received in hand. Not much time for disposing of Closing Ceremonies tickets, either. I'll check with people I know who won Ceremonies tickets in the Chinese domestic sale, to see if those are being received now with the other event tickets, or if they are running on the same time frame as Ceremonies for international sale.

I selected local pickup instead of shipping from CoSport, and I'm a little surprised (and a bit disappointed) that the Will-Call in Beijing will be opening as late as July 23. Hopefully, CoSport will also have a few extra non-Ceremonies event tickets from unsold packages available for additional purchase.

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I today got the news from Dertour (ticket agent in Germany) they will send my tickets beginning next week. It will arrive probably end of next week or beginning of July.

In Norway American Buseniss Express start to send out their tickets from next week on.

ATP in the Netherlands has a few dated where customers could pick up their tickets at the ATP office in the Netherlands. There are four days. We have to go a specific day (which we will know if we get an invitation with exact time).

Cosport (United Kingdom and other countries) announced today their pick up in Beijing will start August 4.

So I hope I have my first tickets by the end of next week.

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ATP in the Netherlands has a few dated where customers could pick up their tickets at the ATP office in the Netherlands. There are four days. We have to go a specific day (which we will know if we get an invitation with exact time).

Why is ATP operating that model? What if you cant make the day?

I thought they sent them out by post too.

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SportsWorld, the monopoly supplier to the UK and some other countries, is requiring all of us who purchased tickets through them without signing up to one of their (horribly expensive) flight+hotel packages, to collect the tickets upon arrival in Beijing - advising you to arrive at least a day before your first event.

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