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New Zealand Olympic Team News

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@ michael,

maybe you don't believe it, but it is true - I am just watching a program on PHOENIX, that is the docu-info channel of the public television in Germany, about German emmigrants to NewZealand...

The program is showing e.g. the family of Ingo Schleuss, who emmigrated from Brandenburg to New Zealand - he had a print shop in Germany and founded one in NewZealand, too..

First I couldn't trust my eyes, but suddenly the fern, which is on the NZ Olympic Gear 2008, was shown - and it was explained that the print shop of Ingo Schleuss got the order from Kiwis NOC to produce the gear - and then it became really amazing - I was nearly swept from my feets when the program showed how the first t-shirt was made with the fern on it!!!

PHOENIX - Auswandererträume in Neuseeland

New Zealand seems to be a fantastic place

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Cheers I have already had a couple of beers and New Zealand are guaranteed another medal in the mens cycling individual pursuit! Fantastic!

who is talking about beer? Maybe something "stronger" like a schnapps, whiskey or Mai Tai

Just watching the medal ceremony

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Valerie Vili top qualifier in the womens shot put is up in the final in about ten minutes! Good luck to her and hopefully another medal for new zealand! If Vili can win a medal then it would be new zealands most successful single days in olympic history! The current best is today with 4 medals and in 1988 where new zealand won 4 medals as well!

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