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London 2012 Mascot Design Contest

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Hopefully this cock-up will turn out to be a blessing in disguise and we'll see some better costumes!


Olympic mascot costumes to inspire children recalled because wearers cannot move in them

Olympic mascots commissioned to tour schools inspiring children to be more active have been recalled because the actors inside them can barely move.

Any updates on the walking prophylactic costume replacements? :blink::lol:

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For the fans of 2012 mascots.

If I were one of the kids in this video, upon seeing Wenlock at the finish line, I think I'd start running in the opposite direction. :o:lol:

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They're cute as small things...but quite unappleaing as life-size creatures.

Even with the plush/soft toys, rather than using a soft, furry material, they could've used that smooth, silvery material to represent the renderings a bit better. Since when was metal furry? :rolleyes:

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How cute is this. Theres loads of die cast metal items on the way from corgi, including mascot & venue keyrings as well as metal statues of the mascot in different outfits


Ha! That's very cute indeed. I buy five. ;)

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The latest instalment of the London 2012 mascots’ film was released today, featuring top GB athletes Tom Daley, Phillips Idowu, Shanaze Reade, Ellie Simmonds and Mandip Sehmi.

The new animated film, ‘Adventures on a Rainbow’, sees Olympic mascot Wenlock and Paralympic mascot Mandeville continuing their journey around the UK, trying out new sports and discovering British icons. It follows the first film, Out of a Rainbow – both written by children’s author Michael Morpurgo.

Fans of the mascots can also enjoy the new ‘Play’ section of the mascots’ website, swimming with Wenlock and getting creative with the ‘Make your mascot’ tool.


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