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"instant" Sports Culture

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After coming across a new $5bn development underway in Tunis, Tunisia i had a though. This project, named "Tunis Sports City" was another in a long line of oil/resource rich nations building masterplanned, wide scale, sporting precincts within cities.


Plan for Tunis Sports City

Similar construction exist in Dubai (Dubai Sports City), Doha and have somewhat been planned for cities like Baku.

My thought/question is, do these expensive venutres actually deliever (or will in the future) a sports culture for the people of the particular city/country/region?

I honestly believe these kinds of facilities bring little to no influence to the sporting culture of the areas they are built in. Not so much in the case of Doha, but certainly in the case of Tunis and Dubai, building these kinds of facilities IMO has done very little to improve the LOCAL interest in sport and team participation. They seem to be another sum of the cities that doesn't add up.

Will these kind of developments ever be the place for the Olympic Games? Or are they just a means of masking development with sport?

Dubai Sports City

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