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Seperate Stadiums

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In two years post the WC 2014 a Track could be fitted in as Maracana is kind of like Melbourne's Cricket Grounds .

A huge floor Space that can have 15 million US for a Crushed Stone, Asphalt and then Rubberized top surface for the Tartan Field. 15 US was Melbourne's cost for the 2006 transformation to put in take out and returf for the main use of that stadium being cricket and Aussie Rules. in Melbourne's case it was about 4 months from start of installing to restoring to orginal condition. In two year Maracana could have a basement under the Pitch installed like the Birds nest has in Beijing.

that could possibly be the reasoning to do this.

Jim jones

Didn't say it was impossible but unlikely: it would still be riskier than using JJ for Track & Field.

Not to mention that JJ is designed for T&F so better sightline and so on...

Anyhow, we shall know in a month or so now.

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I frankly don't get why Maracana is being floated for Athletics Stadium as the plans for JV have been on the boards for years.

Madrid 2016 is bidding with a 60000 seat stadium for athletics for the final capacity. JV will be that for 2014 and then Easily take off the End roofs that are not needed for the olympics and add 10000 temporary seats on each end to get up to the 80000 capacity that is the standard for the Main Athletics Stadium for the summer Games.

Jim jones

You never read the applicant files do you?

Madrid stadium will be 70,000 seats in its Olympic Mode.

JV is currently 45,000 to be upgraded to 60,000 should Rio be elected. And all signs point out to JV not being used for the WC (hint: look at the calendar for work on JV, it's conflicting with a WC use).

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