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China Warning To Olympic Visitors

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The official website advises them not to shout or display political or religious slogans at the event.

In a separate move, organisers said sorry for a manual deemed derogatory to athletes with disabilities.

The now withdrawn English version said they could be stubborn, unsocial or oversensitive - especially if described as "crippled".

The organisers' detailed do's and don't's document is entitled: "A guide to Chinese law for Foreigners coming to, leaving or staying in China during the Olympics."

It advises visitors of the need for official permission to stage a protest, and warns that sleeping outdoors is forbidden "to maintain public hygiene".

Correspondents say the government is hoping to prevent any protest - especially in relation to Tibet or Beijing's trade links with Sudan - that could be beamed around the world.

'Deepest apologies'

In relation to a manual offering guidance to volunteers on athletes with disabilities, the organising committee said in a statement: "We would like to express our deepest apologies to those organisations, athletes with disabilities and friends who were offended."

Disabled athletes compete in the wheelchair women's 1,500m during the China Athletics Open at Beijing National stadium on 24 May 2008

The Paralympic Games will take place in September

The publication had advised that people with disabilities "can be stubborn and controlling; they may be sensitive and struggle with trust issues.

"Sometimes they are overly protective of themselves, especially when they are called 'crippled' or 'paralysed'."

About 100,000 volunteers will be on duty during August's Olympics and at the Paralympic Games a month later.

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The only things I am going to take with me are clothes, stuff I need for in the bathroom, a camera (yes we are allowed to use it is quoted in the ticket guidelines, only if we use the pictures and videos for personal), and the tickets and the spectator guide. I think with all that they will let me in.

If I need more I buy it in China. I hope I can internet sometimet there, but I thin in Beijing and with the Olympic Partners that could not be a problem.

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